bored to death


I’m totally looking forward to this new HBO series coming in September.

11 Responses to “bored to death”

  1. two brunettes said:

    YESS! I saw this the other night. Looks amazing doesn’t it? Who doesn’t like Jason Schwartzman, hes so funny.

  2. kate said:

    gasp! all my favorite people! looks so good, I wish it was on right now as I am currently bored to death…haha

  3. Tonya said:

    thanks for sharing this — it looks awesome!

  4. caroline said:

    not only schwartzman, but zach galifianakis, parker posey and kirsten wiig!

    i am beyond jazzed.

  5. Jill said:

    Jason Schwartzman!!! Oh, how I’ve missed your face.

  6. suzanne said:

    OMFG! i LOVE jason schwartzman!!!!
    and all those ladies!!
    and that guy from The Hangover (which i saw last night and is totally hilarious)

    i bet it won’t be aired in canada for like another year though :( boooooooooooooooo

  7. Leah said:

    Ooh la la! I do love Jason Schwartzman, and generally everything that he does. Can’t wait.

  8. the purcells said:

    thanks for the heads up – looks SO awesome! love jason schwartzman and zack galafinikas, ted danson, parker posey, oh my!!

  9. Amanda said:

    I saw the preview for this show and it looks awesome. Jason can do no wrong…