botany books


one of my favorite ebay searches : vintage botany books.  if only I had an extra $100 laying around.  this book would be so mine.

10 Responses to “botany books”

  1. Briana said:

    You an me both…. In a heartbeat. Sometimes I look around at thrift stores hoping someday I might get lucky and find one on the cheap.

  2. Real Card Studio said:

    I have a similar obsession w/ vintage illustration books. They’re amazing. I just bought a book of illustrated sea life. Excited for it to arrive!

  3. anna said:

    I totally agree. There is something so beautiful about these illustrations.

  4. eva said:

    i love these, i just bought a vintage print from a book on etsy of wasps for my husband and he loves it. the illustrations are so detailed and beautiful.
    ps. i gave you an award over on my blog because you’re so inspirational, thanks!

  5. joanna goddard said:

    beautiful! so simple and beautiful — they make me feel relaxed just looking at them.

  6. jen jafarzadeh said:

    I’m with you — I’d love to own a vintage botany book someday. Something so lovely about those illustrations.