braid wednesday


have you seen the flickr group Braid Wednesday?  there’s lots of pretty inspiration there.  I braided my hair this morning this morning too.

{from braid wednesday}

16 Responses to “braid wednesday”

  1. Lauren said:

    my hair was long. i braided it like heidi, it was so nice in the summer with the braids pulled up. i cut my hair. it now grows again. it will be braided like heidi and be so nice in the summer with the braids pulled up.

  2. blorange dice said:

    mmm, gotta love braids. that first pic is so cute! i really like braiding random strands of hair, as if they came naturally

  3. erin said:

    i recently went home and was inspired by my sister to wear little braids in my hair. so fun!

  4. mrs. french said:

    hmmm…I have the sudden urge to put my hair in braids…that’s a good thing! xo t

  5. emily b said:

    haha this is awesome! i braided my hair today too!!!! TWICE! love it!

  6. Emilia said:

    Man, I always braid my hair in the front like that but it never looks that good! I need a tutorial!

  7. Anabela said:

    My hair is so dark that I have a hard time photographing braids in it! Maybe I should learn how to use a camera haha.

  8. emily said:

    What a coincidence! I braided my hair today too. I’ve found that its the best way to keep my long bangs off my face in this hot weather.

  9. Katie said:

    I love the feeling of having someone braid my hair so much. As an actress it used to happen every night! But I have no idea how to do it myself…..

  10. Angelina said:

    I love braids, but my hair always looks sloppy when I do them. I always wished I had a sister who could braid my hair…

  11. Amy@OldSweetSong said:

    Aw I am so jealous. I love braids but I can’t really do them. They are always super messy and dumb on me. I need a lesson asap.

  12. moop said:

    oh…that jenny gordy of wiksten is so pretty, eh?!!