I am in love with this little planter.  I’ve always had a soft spot for whales.

19 Responses to “cute!”

  1. Anastsia said:

    Oh my! I, too love whales. As kids my brother and I used to play a Greenpeace-made board game about saving the whales. This planter takes me right back to those moments sprawled out on the living room floor with the little metal whale pieces strewn about.

  2. Bree Walk said:

    This could be the cutest planter I’ve ever seen!! :)

  3. Anabela said:

    Surprise, surprise, it’s from domestikate! She always has the best things.

  4. Dog-Eared said:

    ooh, me too! this piece would be so interesting on a kitchen table.

  5. Mallory said:

    i’d love to plant a taller, more lanky flower in him so it would really look like he was spouting up a stream of water.

  6. Briana said:

    oh it is adorable! I’m still looking for the right container for the airplant you gave me…. maybe I found it!

  7. amanda said:

    oh my goodness, adorableness just got taken to a new level!

  8. Amy McCormack said:

    Hahahaha. DEDE!!! :)

  9. Bethany said:

    That is so presh! I want one!!!! Where did you find that?!