fleur wood


wouldn’t one of these dresses from Fleur Wood make the most beautiful casual wedding dress?

18 Responses to “fleur wood”

  1. nole @ oh so beautiful paper said:

    ooh, yes! I found one of their dresses via Le Train Bleu earlier this year and thought it would be adorable as a summer wedding dress. The one on the right is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. alice said:

    Beautiful, they would be amazing wedding dresses.

  3. Karlee said:

    Totally affordable too! Wow! Very impressive.

  4. Dog-Eared said:

    oh my gosh, yes!! especially that second one. so, so pretty.

  5. efi pana said:

    i would surely buy one for a wedding dress ! .. i got married though a year ago..so maybe for a different occasion! but they are fantastic!

  6. Kelley G said:

    ohhh! I love the second and third one! They are reminiscent of my wedding dress ( super casual summer dress)!

  7. Rosa said:

    I love the one in the middle. It’s very simple & slimming

  8. lauren said:

    What’s even better is that these dresses look like you can bride it up at your wedding and then totally hit the sack in the very same dress you were married in. Brilliant!