forest bound giveaway!


I’m especially excited to introduce Forest Bound to our list of wonderful sponsors with a special giveaway!  Alice of Forest Bound graciously has offered one of her collect and carry pouches for one special Unruly Things reader.  I know, right???  they are so cute!  if I had one, I’d keep it tucked inside my purse with small necessities like my chapstick, thumbdrive, or hair ties.  what about you, my friends?  how would you use this cute pouch if you won one?  leave a comment here before Friday 5pm PST for your chance to win. and welcome Forest Bound!!

112 Responses to “forest bound giveaway!”

  1. Jacinda said:

    Those are really nice! Lately I’ve really been into collecting foliage that I find, analyzing it, drawing it, and then figuring out exactly what it’s called. It would be nice to have a little pouch to put my found objects into. This would be perfect. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Rosa said:

    These are beautiful. A fancy little pouch for the big purse. I would carry the important things, my tiny camera & keys!

  3. Janick - Nea said:

    Oh how cute!! I looove ForestBound!! :)
    I would totally just use it as a purse for bacash and bus card when I don’t want to carry around lots of stuff ;) It’s so pretty, why hide it into another bag? :)

  4. Kelly said:

    so cute! i’d use it for my sunglasses. they’re cheapies from Forever21 and endlessly getting scratched up.


  5. Helen said:

    How lovely. I’d use it for secrets — the toy car my love gave me as a good luck charm, a fortune, maybe even a loose button that I adore.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  6. Brooke said:

    Perfect for pennies!

  7. Erica said:

    What a very delicately laced pouch! And what would I do with it if I win? Well, put delicate things in it, of course! Small candies and trinkets, pretty little things that make me happy. =)

  8. JD said:

    Cute! I’d use it to keep tissues in my big old purse or tote that I always lug around

  9. Melissa said:

    I would keep in nice and clean and use it at my wedding! (the prettiest lip-gloss holder I’ve ever seen) My dress has different patterns of off white lace and it would match like a dream. After the wedding, it would be a part of my everyday holding my favorite little things.

  10. Sam said:

    Those are gorgeous! My wallet has a hole in it where the change is supposed to go, and I’ve been looking for a cute little pouch to hold coins in. So that’s probably what I would use it for. (:

  11. Emily said:

    What a perfectly charming name, ForestBound! A charming name to go with some simply delightful pieces! I think the pouch would be ideal to carry my jewelry in whilst traveling!

  12. layersofmeaning said:

    I love these!
    I would actually use it as a cute little purse.
    I can probably fit my phone, id, casha and lipstick

  13. Kate said:

    Oh, fun! Whenever I’d use it for the weekends when I’m wandering around with just my camera and a tote bag, to hold the little essentials like my keys, id and credit card.

  14. Jamie said:

    Oh, divine! I would tuck some lip sheer, cinnamon chewing sticks, gum and affirmations from my tea bags(yogi tea).

  15. meg said:

    it’s so lovely and light – almost like it shouldn’t be used for anything but magical trinkets. what a delicate piece to put your treasures in!

  16. Amanda Gracey said:

    Those are cute! I’d love to have a little pouch like that for change and bobby pins. Off to check out the website…

  17. meagan said:

    Oh my! Just the right size, style, and sturdiness for my new short white coat pocket!! I am a medical student just starting my training in hospitals. We, lady med students, can’t carry purses as we round on patients, and we don’t have ample pants pocket room for personal items. This cuteness wound fit in my white coat pocket and separate my necessities (cash, extra hair ties, listerine strips, and “Larabar” snack for when I don’t have time to eat!) from my medical tools all around it. Thanks for the offering this fab giveaway!

  18. Anne said:

    A perfect little purse to go with all my dresses.

  19. leni said:

    Oh how cute!! I love ForestBound! I’d use it as a clutch and pair it with a little black dress!

  20. Jessica said:

    I would give it to my sister as a gift- she would probably either use it for laundromat change (what better way to spruce up a trip to the laundromat than a beautiful little pouch for all your quarters??) or as a wallet, for her cash, driver’s license, and subway pass.

  21. Melanie B said:

    Oh, owning one of these pouches would make my entire wardrobe prettier.

    I would use it to stash Bert’s Bees, snacks for shows and Polaroid film.

  22. lily said:

    ooh that is so lovely! I would use that pouch to hold special sea glass, rocks, feathers, and shells. It’s beautiful and whoever wins is lucky!

  23. Alicia M said:

    Gorgeous little pouches! Forest Bound has some great things! I would use it to keep all of the little “stuff” in my big purse. It seems like I’m always digging for chapstick, floss, a mirror or my keys!

  24. jules said:

    I have a hard time being separated from my huge tote/purse, so I keep things organized with smaller pouches, this one is perfect! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  25. Mallory said:

    okay. in my family when you get your drivers license & a car my mom gives you a purse referred to as “percy” to keep in the little storage space on the driver’s side door for all your toll change. i’m afraid to say beloved “percy” is rather ugly (& bedraggled after years of use)… so i’d ditch him & use this wonderful forest bound pouch instead. yes.

  26. Lindsay Y. said:

    How sweet! I’d use this to hold all my “absolutely essentials.” That way I could switch purses to match different outfits without all the hassle.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Erin said:

    I’m a huge Forest Bound fan :) I would use it for my chapstick, ipod, hairties..basically anything small that takes me forever to find in my massive bag.

  28. tiffany said:

    oh…! i want i want! it’s so pretty and lovely and so perfect for collecting nature goodies with my favorite 4 1/2 year old! she loves stuffing things in pockets and bags! (as do i!)

  29. brittney said:

    i would give it to my friend, emma, because that white one on top screams her.

  30. Kay said:

    Love this. Would use it as a pouch for the money dance at my wedding on July 31 :)

  31. Pam said:

    I would put my too many cards/discount cards/member id cards in there….this is so cute! I hope I win….
    Thanks. Love your blog.

  32. two brunettes said:

    I so love these!! I would use them for my many lists, earrings I take off during the day, bobbie pins, my phone! Anything random in my purse they are just so darn pretty.

  33. Ama said:

    It’d be the perfect summer purse for a wedding I’m in coming up!

  34. Catherine Lloyd said:

    The purse is darling, but the previous comments were half the fun this round! I’d say Metro card, security card, house keys, and Burt’s Bees.

    Many thanks for all your lovely posts.

  35. Bridget said:

    I would use it for my headphones! they always get so tangled in my purse..

  36. Heidi Jo said:

    Oh yay! So cute! I would probably use it for receipts or pills (I take a lot of supplements throughout the day). It’s a great way to beautify the boring things I’d put inside!

  37. Nicole said:

    so cute,

    i would use it for the essentials, keys, money, phone, pretty rocks i found

  38. Katie said:

    I just saw forest bound for the first time a couple of days ago. How happy I am to see her again.

    This clutch takes me to a long afternoon . . . me in a sun dress . . . with my husband . . . no kids . . . coffee shop. . . book store. . . . movie to beat the heat . . . and only needing to carry and ID, some cash, chap stick and a movie stub.

    Ahhhh a girl can dream.

  39. Kim said:

    Forest bound has been on my Etsy favourites since the beginning of time. I would use this little pouch to keep my favourite lipstick safe. I’ve lost it and re-purchased it at least three times already. It needs its own storage place.

  40. alice said:

    Wowowow! I would love to win this. Forest Bound is awesome!

  41. vera b said:

    the purse looks so cute. i love anything with lace and doilies!
    i would definitely use it for some of my precious art supplies- pens etc. as i would then be able to carry it with me always!

  42. Marisa said:

    I love Forest Bound’s way of making something look as though it has always been there.
    I would love somewhere pretty to put my camera that I always carry with me. It currently lives in a black padded camera bag that is unnecessarily bulky and ugly and I’m sure it would be much happier in this pouch. If I was my camera, I know I would.

  43. Jo Spittler said:

    Now this *would* be a surprise!
    It would be perfect for carrying my camera in…

  44. emc said:

    This is too cute and special to hide in a purse! I would use it as a small clutch for essentials: cell, credit card, chapstick.

  45. elizabeth said:

    so sweet! i think it would be perfect for carrying trail mix for dreamy walks in the woods.

  46. Hannah said:

    Oh I love these little pouches so much! I think I’d use mine to carry little pieces and knick knacks found on my travels, like pretty stones or little figurines found in junk stores..

  47. jen jafarzadeh said:

    I stopped in the Forest Bound booth and loved everything — thanks for the fun giveaway! If I won this pouch, I’d use it to store all of my camera accessories (extra battery, charger, cord) in one place so I can easily find them when I’m running around the city with camera in tow.

  48. lauren said:

    i love her stuff! i’ve been wanting to buy something for a while.

  49. sushi pie said:

    forest bound = a happy day

    i love to stalk her etsy store on a regular basis. ;)


  50. Joan said:

    I would keep my address and notebook and phone it so my “feedbag” purse would be more organized! She is on my link list and I love her stuff.

  51. Nicole said:


    I would tuck in all my little knitting tools: small scissors, darning needles, blocking pins, stitch markers, tape measure etc. What a lovely giveaway.

    I’m crossing my fingers and toes…

  52. Iva said:

    aw, forestbound is one of my favorite shops on etsy:)
    I’d definitely use it instead of a purse to carry all of my important things with me, such as keys, money and lip balm :) It is just too pretty to put it in a bag!

  53. Kaitlin said:

    Um. Wow. This pouch matches my wedding dress quite nicely, with it’s lovely lace. For one day, I would use it for all my wedding day things–lip gloss, bobby pins, miniature sewing kit.

    After the wedding, it would be the perfect size for holding and carrying jewelry when I travel (which, will be lots). It will be nice to have a special home for my favourite accessories :)

  54. Allison L. said:

    This marvelous pouch has been on my wish-list for quite a while. One of those, “If I had money, I tell you what I’d do…” things.

    I love taking neighborhood walks, just me and my camera, and I’d love to have this pretty little pouch to carry the things I find–leaves, seeds, stones, twigs, flowers.

  55. Abby said:

    i would give it to my mom for her birthday. She is a lover of lace and all things old, as am i ;)

  56. arely said:

    i would carry my zipcar card…along with my license and credit card!

    thanks for the awesome giveaway : )

  57. Julie said:

    *gasp* LOVE these pouches! It would carry all my little essentials for a night out with my husband and AWAY from the kiddies!

  58. Jess said:

    oooooh. so pretty. it would hold my beach treasures when I walk at low tide. sea glass, bits of shell. love it.

  59. Carla said:

    OMG I love lace! If I won a cute pouch I would first use it at my friend’s wedding. Then after I would put my grandmothers jewelry in it- because I like to keep my treasures in pretty things :)

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  60. Sandra said:

    J’adore!!! I would use this pouch for magical found things such as old broken jewelry, pretty little stones found on the beach, little flowers for drying and whatever other breathless things I find and take home to rescue.


  61. holly blues said:

    I used to have a gorgeous peach floral purse with credit card slots, two penny zip-pockets and a really big clear photo slot. In there I had childhood passport photographs of my family and of Liam, Hannah, Josh and Kieran and then a few of us all together from a few years ago. But sadly it had a little hole and I just left it until it was beyond repair and I had to get a new one. Luckily I found a gorgeous black one-with rose embroidery on the front-in London. But it was only enough for cards and receipts and a little cash. These photographs are moved from bag to bag in the little side pockets, and I’ve been looking for a little purse I can keep them all in. I’ve also collected quite a few more the in last few weeks of strangers from the past. This is how I would use one of these fabulous little purses!

  62. Amy C. said:

    Love them! I have been wanting one of those pouches for quite a while – to hide in one of the forestbound bags, of course. I would put lip balm, powder, hair ties, and lipstick in mine.

  63. Arlene said:

    I wouldn’t tuck it away..I would leave it OUT…on my dresser. It is just adorable. I love Forest Bound – well the genius, Alice, that is Forest Bound.

  64. Laura said:

    Oh Forest Bound is so lovely! I think I would use this little pouch for buttons! Or maybe to store all the little stones I pick up on the beach.

  65. nicole b. said:

    How sweet! I’d give it to my sister who’ll be my maid of honor in my wedding. Thank you for introducing me to these precious little pouches.

  66. Julia said:

    i love the lace juxtaposed with the dark fabrics, such a nice and natural look! :)

  67. Jessica said:

    i would call this the perfect “travel-sewing-kit” pouch. or hang it on the wall and keep my jewelry in it. because it is, after all, great art in more ways than one. i really appreciate forest bound’s unique craft. very inspiring.

  68. Christine C. said:

    I would carry it to all of the summer weddings I am going to in the coming months. I would stash my Burt’s Beeswax lip gloss, some Kai roller perfume and, of course, a pack of peppermint gum…all the wedding essentials I need!

  69. Laura K. said:

    oooo pretty! I would probably use it for my to-do lists and my chapstick. The colors shown are really nice, I think I need all of them!

  70. Melissa D. said:

    i would use this as a mini clutch to hold my phone, lip balm, money, and lots of little stuff that would fit.

    or to put it someplace so i can stare at it.
    that would make me happy :)

  71. sonambula said:

    new city, new purse.. just moved to a country far from home, starting fresh.

  72. Sarah B. said:

    It’s so pretty. I’d use it for my camera, for sure. It’s the perfect size and maybe it would inspire me to take pictures more often because I’d always be staring at the pouch my camera is in.

  73. Andrea S. said:

    Thanks to you I’m her newest fan!! A purse that would undoubtedly make me walk with a bit more grace…can always use more of that. :)

  74. liane said:

    oh, this is easy b/c i’ve admired alice’s shop for some time and thought about what i might use these for. i’d store a little cabinet of curiosites inside…things i collect on my walks with the dog.

  75. Michelle said:

    aaaaaahhh! these are really cute :) I would keep a whole bunch of little things — rocks, shells, chapstick, coins, my key, some cards…hair ties, bobby pins, and anything else I find in one of these.

  76. emily said:

    magic rocks, found treasures, bobby pins.

    they are lovely!

  77. Jennifer said:

    Very cute!! I think I would carry it instead of a purse when I only needed to carry a few small things like license, credit cards, cash, chapstick, etc.

  78. darlingsavage said:

    lovely! i think i’d use it for my phone. just my phone. i can never find the darn thing at the bottom of my purse when it’s ringing endlessly. a phone pouch!

  79. Alisa said:

    There are endless possibilities…perhaps a favorite love note? or a few tampons? Who knows…

  80. chrissie said:

    Blimey, it’s so gorgeous I’d probably frame it! Or I’d send it to Meagan, the med student at the top of the page – she sounds as if she deserves it.

  81. Theresa said:

    Oh dear oh dear. I would keep it in my purse or bag, and stash my randomly found nature bits like feathers, bones, or shells in it.

  82. Allegra said:

    Hmmm…I think I’d put in my blockbuster card, some stickers to put around, some lollies, my teeny elephant toy, stamps and emergency coins for when I wanna play crane machine on the go.

    All little things that are lovely and that always come in handy!

  83. Olivia said:

    I would keep in it my small travel notebook and a pencil for moments of inspiration on the run!

  84. Jennie S. said:

    Forestbound is wonderful. I am already an enthusiastic fan (I have a BELOVED deer antler necklace & burnt orange yarn from her).

    I’d use that beautiful pouch for random trinkets found on nature walks w/my three children. I’d also use it for whenever I start a smallish knitting project.

  85. Heidi said:

    Wonderful little pouches!
    I would keep my essentials in there – credit card, lip balm, video rental card, spare camera battery – you know, the things you always wind up having to dump out your big purse to find. It would be great to be able to just grab this cute pouch and put it in whichever big bag I plan to use that day.

  86. Zoe said:

    I would carry this with me for all of my spontaneous foraging adventures. It would look so darling filled to the brim with honeysuckle and wild ginger root and wild lettuces.

  87. mjb said:

    Oh my these are darling! I’d love it for organizing all the loose scraps of paper that float around in my big purse.

  88. Aprile said:

    I love these so much! In the spirit of forest bound, I would probably use it to store picked flowers I steal from other people’s gardens, and other little natural curiosities…

  89. kate said:

    so pretty! i would use it to hold all of the bits that i loose in my bag, like keys, mints and lip gloss.
    thank you for the giveaway!

  90. stephanie said:

    Oh i’ve been coveting these little pouches for awhile now. I too would love one to stash all my little goodies inside my bag. Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. jeanette said:

    these along with everything else in alice’s shop are so great. i’d keep the little scraps of paper i’m always scribbing ideas on and the stamps i usually have with me that are always getting lost or sticking to things when i want to mail a letter.

  92. Julia said:

    holy crap, that’s a lot of comments! i love forestbound. i’d love to say that i’d give this as a gift, but who am i kidding? i’d totally hoard it for myself and find some pretty little treasures (like pebbles and seashells and beads) to put inside of it. at least, i like to think that’s what i’d do.

  93. Alison said:

    This would definitely be my tea pouch for my purse.

  94. Marcine Miller said:

    This would be perfect for skipping stones and ink for my fountain pens!

  95. Libby said:

    I would keep a moleskin sketchpad and a charcoal pencil for last-minute drawing opportunities!

  96. Laura said:

    I would take my little pouch to the Forest, use it, love it, and keep it safe with me at all times! I would keep my Grandpa’s harmonica in it!

  97. Suzy said:

    So perfect for collecting flowers and leaves to be pressed.

  98. Keiko said:

    I have been wanting one of these Forest Bound pouches for a long time now. I love them!

  99. wendy said:

    the first thing I would do would be to stick my nose inside and inhale as all of Alices’s bags and pouches have the most incredible wonderful old fragrance ~ then place it next to my computer where I am most days to enjoy looking at the true piece of artwork that it is :)

  100. Caitlin said:

    i love the lace parts the best.

  101. Navi said:

    Lovely! I would kill to carry that baby around.

  102. Heather said:

    I usually fill my pockets with cash, ID, and all those little pocket necessities when I don’t want to carry my big bag around. This is the perfect alternative to clunky pockets!

  103. Bronwyn said:

    I am much too late, however, if I had one I’d take it on my outdoor adventures through the woods. I often find small things that I can’t carry unlike bones. Eggshells, crayfish claws, snail shells, and on occasion I’ll find pretty dead moths or butterflies. I bring a large bag to collect the heavier turtle shells and such but little things like those can get crushed.