green, green and more green


the entire June Anthropologie catalog is incredible.  filled with iconic typography fromm Hatch Show Print, lovely musicians including Au Revoir Simone, and *gasp* this amazing spread of terrariums.

12 Responses to “green, green and more green”

  1. mosey said:

    Soo pretty. I love the small plants hanging off the rope!

  2. Alexandra said:

    I JUST canceled my print catalog with them because I shop online with them and decided to save trees. You have me totally regretting it.

  3. debbie said:

    wow, i hope the catalog is waiting for me when i get home (i save all of them and this seems like the best one yet!)

  4. jen jafarzadeh said:

    oh, i love those terrariums too! i remember seeing them at the gift show (they’re made by roost) and wishing i could take one home.

  5. jen said:

    wow, i can’t believe they shot it in austin! so great! can’t wait to see it in person.

  6. the purcells said:

    love it! can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail – their catalogs are always such an inspiration.

  7. LIsa said:

    I saw those test tube shaped plant hangers in the catalog earlier today and now think I have to make a pigeon toe version with a leather rope to hang it by.

  8. Amy@OldSweetSong said:

    I’m pretty sure Anthropologie exists just to make me feel bad about my clothes, house and over all sense of style. Either that or they just enjoy hurting me with their awesomeness.

  9. Dog-Eared said:

    i want to live in a place like this, completely surrounded by plants. for the time being, i can’t wait to get the catalogue!

  10. havilah said:

    i love the pics and the layout- what a fun catalog! lots of funky summer clothes too. love it!

  11. Katie said:

    these are so in right now.

    i always wonder why things are in

    i think it’s always

    just because


    either that or people are getting sick of taking care of plants