last night, dlb was looking up stuff about heirloom veggies on the web.  he came across this wonderful seed company with hundreds of varieties of veggies that I’d never even heard of before and this gorgeous photo of carrots.

it really saddened me to discover that nearly 98% of once grown vegetable varieties have disappeared over the past century.  heirloom seed promoters suggest that we can help by “adopting” a vegetable for a year, which sounds good to me!  besides, how lovely would it be to have a rainbow in your garden?

14 Responses to “heirloom”

  1. erin said:

    these colorful carrots are my absolute favorite. i wait for them every year and then freeze them to enjoy in the winter! happy weekend!

  2. Elena said:

    absolutely love the photo! and lament the disappearance of variety of fruits and vegetables… wish I had a garden!

  3. Emily said:

    My dad does this with tomatoes and we enjoy rainbow tomato salads throughout the summer. Some day I’ll have a garden, too :)

  4. Anna Allen said:

    heirloom gardening is the way to go! so far the deer haven’t touched my plants…yet!

  5. Dog-Eared said:

    that picture is quite the inspiration to start gardening! some of my friends are making a rather large garden this summer; i’m so excited to see the results.

  6. Bethany said:

    wait…that’s crazy/awesome! I love it! I will definitely be checking that out!

  7. Kate said:

    My sister just emailed me the link to your blog and I love it! It is so beautiful. Well done.
    Why would anyone grow one colour or variety of anything when your vegies can look like these? On my blog I called carrot picking a lucky dip. You never know what colour you’ll get. We try to source and grow as many varieties of fruit and veg as we can find.