I’m back


have you ever had squash blossoms?  they are my newest love.  I stuffed them with a tiny bit of cream cheese, battered them with blended flour, paprika and salt, then fried ‘em up in little bit of butter. oh my goodness… amazing.

I hope you had a nice weekend my friends.  I sure had a nice break.


15 Responses to “I’m back”

  1. Kate said:

    They are soooo good stuffed with goat cheese or ricotta. They are one of my favorite things about Spring!

  2. erin said:

    sounds delicious! will definitely try to find!

  3. abigail said:

    I love squash blossoms! Especially because picking and eating them cuts down on the number of squash and zucchini we get!
    We stuff them with goat cheese mixed with chives or a little parsley for color and then fry them up just like you do.
    So summery!

  4. Lindsay said:

    Sounds delicious!!!! I saw Giada something similar with another type of blossom (zucchini?). They sometimes have these at the restaurants in southern Switzerland, but I have never ordered (too expensive)! Now I will make them at home!

  5. the purcells said:

    try a mixture of goat cheese, garlic, diced salami, a little parm, chopped parsley, salt and pepper and bread in panko – SO good!

  6. Dog-Eared said:

    so you stuff the cream cheese inside the flower? i’ve never heard of that but i’m dying to try it all of a sudden :)

  7. Michelle said:

    One of my good friends is Greek and stuffs them with Greek peppered rice (with lemon and oregano). They turned out delicious!

  8. Catherine said:

    They are one of my faves too, gorgeous stuffed with goats cheese and spinach and served with balsamic and a really light diced tomato. It’s the crisp outside that gets me, and then sometimes they have a little zucchini starting to grow on the end sometimes, sooo good!

  9. Marty J. said:

    that sounds awesome! i need to find squash blossoms, now!

  10. dana said:

    I bought some last week and instead of stuffing them, I just sauteed them in some olive oil and tossed them with pasta and fresh ricotta. They were sooooooo good… I need to run to the farmers market and get some more this weekend!

  11. Abigail said:

    i’m so glad you posted this because it’s given me the idea to plant all my zucchini seedlings and just use the extra ones to harvest the blossoms – they are wonderful! delicious as tempura as well.

  12. Courtney said:

    I know I’m late on commenting on this, but I just came across this post and couldn’t help myself.

    I. love. squash. blossoms!

    I tried them for the first time in Italy and have been craving them ever since. It’s good to see I’m in good company!