lela rose


I believe this collection was made just for me.  thank you Lela Rose and thank you Jane for introducing me.

p.s.  if you haven’t visited Jane’s blog Simple + Pretty, please do.  it’s blog of the week!

7 Responses to “lela rose”

  1. laura said:

    thanks for sharing the blog, it’s really sweet. and i have serious wants for that white dress.

  2. jane said:

    you’re so sweet! thank you! (and by the way, did you see the back of the black dress? so pretty!)

  3. Dog-Eared said:

    ooh, so pretty. too bad i just swore off shopping for a little while..

  4. amy nieto said:

    Like DOG EARED, I have sworn off shopping for like the next two centuries, but those dresses are super cute!