little animals


I love these little masks from Abigail Brown.  wouldn’t they be cute at a party or for a fun photoshoot?

{from abigail brown}

8 Responses to “little animals”

  1. kate said:

    These are so cute! They’re a bit Charley Harper-esque!

  2. thea said:

    ahha this is so cute

    and really funny cause i’m just drawing up a pattern for a fox plushie ^_^

  3. Erica said:

    Aww, they are adorable, and would be great for a woodland creature kind of masqerade party :) What an idea!

  4. Helen said:

    Indeed! A family portrait would be hilariously cute with these, too.

  5. melissa said:

    Those make me want to be a kid again! Maybe I’ll just have to get them for my birthday in August!