little berries + forest bound winner


hi friends, how was your weekend?  mine was fantastic.  dlb and I went berry picking on Saturday and came home with the best of the crop.  cherry picking was quite an experience.  since most of the cherries were at the top of the trees, we did a little gymnastics act of me balancing on his shoulders so that I could reach the darkest, sweetest cherries.  we filled up an entire palette of raspberries and hunted under leaves to find the last of the strawberries, oh so sweet and tiny!  sunburned, bee stung, and tired, we came home with over 10 lbs of fruit and satisfied bellies.  dlb took these photos, aren’t they great?!

thanks so much for the response to the Forest Bound giveaway.  I’m so excited to have Alice on board as a sponsor and I’m glad I could share the goodness with you!  and as not to delay, the winner!!  chosen by a random number generator, the winner is:

Bridget! who said, “I would use it for my headphones! they always get so tangled in my purse..”

thanks to everyone who entered!

9 Responses to “little berries + forest bound winner”

  1. Daniella said:

    Aw you’re so lucky you can already pick berries this season!

  2. Anastsia said:

    Woah. I just want to bury my face in all those raspberries!

    Will these be for jam? or pies? or fresh fistfuls?

  3. Bridget said:

    Those berries look so delicious! It’s been so rainy here in New England that I left some of my newly-picked strawberries overnight and woke up to a lawn of mold :( They did taste wonderful the night before, though…

    And I’m so excited for the Forest Bound pouch – I’ll have to send a picture with my headphones folded up all nice and neat :)

  4. mosey said:

    that raspberry picture is killing me. I want to dive into them, mouth first!

  5. Sarah said:

    Those are beautiful! Man, right now I’d love to pile some on a big bowl of vanilla ice cream!

  6. jen jafarzadeh said:

    oh, I’m so hoping to go raspberry picking in August. I missed out on strawberries with the crazy month June turned out to be. Your photos are so sweet!

  7. Cindy said:

    It is always amazing to me that one can go berry picking. All my berries came from the supermarket. No strawberries, blackberries, cherries, raspberries grow on this tropical island.