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little berries + forest bound winner


hi friends, how was your weekend?  mine was fantastic.  dlb and I went berry picking on Saturday and came home with the best of the crop.  cherry picking was quite an experience.  since most of the cherries were at the top of the trees, we did a little gymnastics act of me balancing on his shoulders so that I could reach the darkest, sweetest cherries.  we filled up an entire palette of raspberries and hunted under leaves to find the last of the strawberries, oh so sweet and tiny!  sunburned, bee stung, and tired, we came home with over 10 lbs of fruit and satisfied bellies.  dlb took these photos, aren’t they great?!

thanks so much for the response to the Forest Bound giveaway.  I’m so excited to have Alice on board as a sponsor and I’m glad I could share the goodness with you!  and as not to delay, the winner!!  chosen by a random number generator, the winner is:

Bridget! who said, “I would use it for my headphones! they always get so tangled in my purse..”

thanks to everyone who entered!



right this second…


I’m excited for:
leaving work on time today.
organic beer festival.
new sandals.
possibly riding a new bike.
spending the whole weekend with him.

next week should be fun. I’ve got some sneak peaks of that little project I keep telling you about. I just can’t stand keeping it to myself anymore so I’ve decided to share some of my progress. I hope you have a fantastic, relaxing, sunshine filled weekend where ever you are. happy friday friends.

{photo by beebs}



paper crane tutorial


my friend Lynn of Satsuma Press is guest posting today over on Style Me Pretty.  for one of her posts, she wrote about the process of making paper cranes for her own wedding.  Lynn asked me to create a little illustrated tutorial on how to fold a paper crane to include with the post.  I think it turned out pretty cute!

on another note, Lynn is also hosting a little giveaway over on Style Me Pretty for a fantastic prize of 50 two-color invitations (with printed envelopes) and 50 one-color reply cards (with printed envelopes) from the Satsuma Press Wedding Line. ooo la la lovely! head over to Style Me Pretty to find out how you can win.



a bike for me


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getting better at riding my bike.  since I’ve been living in Portland, which will be two years this August, I’ve ridden my bike four times.  total.  once to work and three other times for fun around the city.  I’m a bit afraid when it comes to riding so close to cars on the street, even in the bike lane.  however lately I’ve really been thinking that riding my bike would make it easier to do more things like going to yoga on my lunch break, not having to drive or park my car around the city, or even trips to grab coffee and breakfast on the weekends.

since my bike is a hand-me-down from dlb’s brother, it’s a boy bike, pretty rugged and pretty beaten up.  so, along with this desire to ride my bike more comes… you guessed it, dreaming about a new bike.  I’ve had my eye on these two particular beauties for quite some time now, especially the Electra Amsterdam.  it just looks and sounds like an amazing bike.  the vintage silhouette, skirt guard and pinstriped fenders are enough to have me swooning.  anyone have experience with an Electra Amsterdam or recommend a good, comfortable city bike?



on the hunt again

a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I got these and these sandals. well, neither one worked out for me. sadly, I ended up returning both pairs.  the Rachel Comey Contributors were waaaaaay too big and just felt stiff and the Mias gave me blisters within wearing them 10 minutes.  sigh…  I’m on the hunt again.


I figured I’d start over again with black. of course I really really love these, but I really don’t want to spend too much, seeing that I’ll only wear them for a few summer months. I found these cute options. what do you think?

{clockwise from top left: dv by dolce vita darling, steve madden broose, seychelles first class ticket, pink studio norma}



forest bound giveaway!


I’m especially excited to introduce Forest Bound to our list of wonderful sponsors with a special giveaway!  Alice of Forest Bound graciously has offered one of her collect and carry pouches for one special Unruly Things reader.  I know, right???  they are so cute!  if I had one, I’d keep it tucked inside my purse with small necessities like my chapstick, thumbdrive, or hair ties.  what about you, my friends?  how would you use this cute pouch if you won one?  leave a comment here before Friday 5pm PST for your chance to win. and welcome Forest Bound!!