Monthly Archives: June 2009


sponsor – tortilla girl


remember this amazing little bubble dress?  well, I’m excited to introduce Tortilla Girl as the newest sponsor here on Unruly Things.  Becky is the amazing lady behind Tortilla Girl and creates the most amazing dresses, purses, and skirts.  each is so unique and la la lovely!  be sure to visit her website for pretty little things.


as always, if you’re looking for a place to promote your shop, small business or blog this summer, contact us and we’ll send you a media kit with our advertising specs! there are a few spots available and the prices are just right.



how I’d wear it


Roberta from Camp Comfort is one of my favorite bloggers and also one of my favorite new Portlanders.  I enjoy popping into her blog daily for a little boost of style inspiration so I was totally excited when she asked me to participate in her “How I’d Wear It” series.  Roberta gave me and some other wonderful ladies a pair of knee length shorts for our “outfit” and asked us how we’d wear them.  check out my outfit here.



high summer


some lovely things I’m dreaming about from Noa Noa’s high summer collection.

p.s.  have you seen Portland shop Narcisse’s outfit of the week series?  it’s pretty great, especially since Noa Noa clothing is made for layering.  Narcisse should be getting in the high summer collection soon and I couldn’t be more excited to see what they get!