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swell summer dresses


I’m refusing to let this afwul-dreary-rainy-grey weather we’re having in Portland this week get to me.  instead, I’m dreaming about all the cute summery clothes that I’d be wearing if I was frolicking in the sunshine. Swell always has cute cotton dresses for super good prices.



a little story


one of my favorite shops is Candy Store Collective.  I absoultely love their selection.  so I was really excited to hear about this little collaboration with Alyson Fox that showcases some of the lovely dresses and other things you might find in the shop.  see the little story here.





I’ve been on the search for the perfect sandals for what feels like weeks now.  dark brown, strappy and comfortable was my goal.  and I really wanted something that I could wear with just about anything.  of course I saw lots of shoes that were NOT dark brown that I loved…

so anyway, I ended up buying these this morning.  I’ve been kind of in love with them since Kate first posted about the collaboration at the beginning of May.  I think they are perfect and can be worn with either shorts or dresses.  I’ll be sure to let you know how they fit once they arrive.



right this second…


I’m having an:
exceptionally good friday. good things are happening all around.

it feels really good:
to be back to my blogging self after my little blog break.

I really really wish:
I could transport myself to the Renegade Craft fair this weekend.

I’m so glad:
it’s finally June! {even though it’s a little chilly outside today, and wet and dreary}

have a nice weekend my friends!

{photo from andrea {scout} isn’t that the sweetest picture? love that fabric too!}