right this second…


this photo makes me want to:

this weekend a certain someone is:

I’m happy to see:
moms, dads, grandparents, brothers, sisters.

I just treated myself to:
a few new things.

and lately, I’ve been:
inking up the press. oh it feels good.

have a lovely weekend, friends!

7 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. debbie said:

    yay for graduating!
    maybe i’ll see you guys there?

    love your new clothes, i really want to shop but i’m trying not to :)

  2. eunice said:

    Shopping… sigh. Haha, I live right around Anthropologie area, how come I don’t bump into you around town?!

    And congratulation on whoever is graduating! (:

  3. leni said:

    such a lovely photo!

    Congrats to whoever is graduating!