love-ly photos from London photograher Chris Craymer’s new book, Romance.

{via green wedding shoes}


14 Responses to “romance”

  1. erin said:

    so sweet. i think i need some flowery spectacles!

  2. Dog-Eared said:

    wow, that looks like a great book! i love those daisy glasses :)

  3. Katie said:

    These pictures are so cute and express the little things that make love LOVE. Great choice for a post! :)

  4. Sofia said:

    I’ve seen these first on green wedding shoes and indeed, the photos are lovely. It’s so good to have pictures that represent such a great time of our lives:D

  5. Jai said:

    This book looks SO amazing; it’s like those models are actually people who are in love.

  6. Whitney said:

    Oh these make me happy. They are just casual and fun but so wonderful. Love them. :)

  7. Haley said:

    Those are oh so lovely!
    That would make a great coffee table book!