vintage botanical prints



I quite love vintage botanical drawings and these two are quite lovely. I’d love to hang them with my little plant collection.

{from trampoline}


13 Responses to “vintage botanical prints”

  1. erin said:

    lovely. we had botanical etchings in the archive where i used to work and i scanned them to hang in our apartment!

  2. Sarah said:

    Really lovely. Very simple, exactly what I like.

  3. erica said:

    makes me want to press flowers! so simple and beautiful.

  4. Nicole said:

    these are beautiful! i want to hang a bunch of these up above my desk

  5. Raquel Raney said:

    so peaceful and yes paired with a little plant collection would be perfect. the styling is great as well.

  6. Bri said:

    Ooh ooh me too! Would look good with my wild collection of twigs and things.

  7. my trampoline said:

    thanks all!

    i will be getting another 10 or so in the coming week. keep checking the shop.

  8. g said:

    These are so delicate and lovely. Could find many spots for them!!!

  9. maia said:

    I love vintage botanicals, and these two are so simple and structural that it’s hard to peg an era…I like that.