a few weeks ago, I was having a bit of a shoe dilemma.  it all started with two purchased pairs of shoes, then returned because they were either too big or waaaay uncomfortable.  I ended up buying the Steve Madden Broose shoes which I love so much and then these amazing Jacey T-Strap sandals by Frye.  {oh, how I love Frye}  both pairs are so comfortable and I’m really really happy with my outcome!  I also bought these F-Troupe sandals on sale, right before I found the Fryes, and I’m awaiting their arrival.  they look like they’ll be a good dressier alternative.

14 Responses to “shoes!”

  1. Kate said:

    Ohh so cute! steve madden is having a buy one get one free sale right now, you are TEMPTING ME! :)

  2. Tara said:

    I really want the red version of these sandals!! Frye just makes the nicest, most comfortable, chicest, and most reliable shoes out there! Gorgeous!

  3. Jenny Gordy said:

    you sure are covered for summer! love your new sandals, very pretty on you.

  4. erica said:

    darn, those Frye’s are sold out in my size. i really need sandals that are easy on/off but still offer support.

    they are super cute, and i love those f-troupes!

  5. Kate said:

    There is a Frye sale on Gilt.com right now with those sandals if anybody is looking for them.

  6. lyn said:

    wow! these are adorable (all of the choices but especially the Frye). great scores!

  7. Melissa said:

    So jealous! Those Frye sandals are the epitome of summer.

  8. LIsa said:

    I just bought these today, SO SO So comfortable


    Halo is having a killer sale if you’re strong enough to go in there and not spend your entire paycheck.

  9. Johanna said:

    I love these shoes.

    Also, in case you have not noticed, you have super cute toes.