a little sneak peak

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remember that little project I keep mentioning?  well I’m excited to share with you a few sneak peaks of what I’ve been working on.  I’m opening a little shop called Postal Press in the next few weeks featuring letterpressed stationery and packaging goodies.  I’m really really excited because this is something that I’ve been working on since early this year.  I’ve been hard at work creating lots of products to offer in the shop and hope to be done in a week or so!  I’m participating in Abby’s Summer Social Sale so if you’re in Portland, please stop by on July 25th to see my goods in person!  more details about the shop soon.

41 Responses to “a little sneak peak”

  1. Kelly said:

    yay you! how exciting – i can’t wait to see more :)


  2. casey said:

    very exciting! love the images of your products, congratulations! can’t wait to see more..

  3. erin said:

    so exciting. everything here looks beautiful! can’t wait to learn more!

  4. nikole said:

    oh so cute alyson and great name choice. xox.

  5. Helen said:

    Wow, I’m so excited to see the goods! The website already looks lovely and inviting, and my paper-hungry hands can’t wait to be delighted.

  6. shanna said:

    over the moon for you alyson! your hard work already shows…can’t wait to actually see everything. big congrats to you!

  7. jane said:

    adorable + i look forward to seeing more!

  8. Kate said:

    How exciting!! Can’t wait to see the shop open, congrats! It all looks so wonderful.

  9. Sarah said:

    I am beyond excited and absolutely cannot wait to see your work!!!

  10. Elise said:

    This is so neat! Can’t wait for the shop to open!

  11. tiffany said:

    This is so fantastic. Congratulations! These all look so good!

  12. jenny said:

    I’m so excited for this sale and to see the cards in person!

  13. wendy said:

    oh so exciting! your designs would be so beautiful letterpressed. can’t wait to see more of your work!

  14. Roberta Jane said:

    The products look really great! I think I might have to stop by the summer social – thanks for the heads up!

  15. two brunettes said:

    Congratulations Alyson this looks incredible I can’t WAIT to see more!!

  16. Becky said:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I know this will become a regular shopping stop!

  17. jackie said:

    congrats on the new venture! love the red… and that pencil- so cute!

  18. paula said:

    Love the sneak peek! very exciting it all is.

  19. renee said:

    oh wow, alyson, this is such good news! looks beautiful!

  20. kim said:

    This is really exciting news! I am wondering how I can make the drive to Portland from Seattle on July 25th…
    I can’t wait to see your new shop open and look forward to hearing the next news.

  21. Iva said:

    aw, this is so exciting! I am working on opening a little shop myself, so I know how thrilling this can be! Good luck with your shop, I will blog about it as soon as you open it :)

  22. jen jafarzadeh said:

    congrats, alyson! so so exciting and I can’t wait for your shop to be open. the photographs of your work turned out amazing, too! keep me posted, as I’d love to post about it when your shop opens officially.

  23. Lisa - Pen & Ink said:

    Congratulations, Alyson! I’m so looking forward to seeing more! Best wishes as you open shop!

  24. emily said:

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see everything. I’m sure it will all be very beautiful.

  25. PJ said:

    The sneak peeks are fantastic! Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next.

  26. erica said:

    eeep! i’m so excited for you!! it all looks beautiful…

  27. nichole said:

    You had me at letterpress. LOVE blind letterpress. Congrats on the new endeavor!

  28. Amy Nieto said:

    Um. I’m in your apartment. Stealing your I HEART MAIL pencils.

    I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Magatha May said:

    Oh wow, congratulations. I hope all your hard work pays off. And I love love love your thank you cards.

  30. elisabeth said:

    I love what I see! Can’t wait to get a closer look at the summer social sale.

  31. fresh365 said:

    So exciting- congrats! I love the red and also the last one with the blind emboss. Gorgeous!