a tiny obsession


a few I’m obsessing and drooling over…
Heroic Condensed
HT Gelateria

21 Responses to “a tiny obsession”

  1. jane said:

    fun list. i bought archer myself this spring due to lots and lots of obsessing over it.

  2. vanessa said:

    love these! can never get enough great fonts! love your blog :)

  3. kinha said:

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  4. angela hardison said:

    My thoughts exactly. Except… I guess my obsession would technically be larger than “slight”. I want Archer so so much but haven’t bought it quite yet.

  5. Amy Nieto said:

    Alyson, my birthday is coming up…. in 10 months. I want that Radio font. Thanks. You know where i live.


  6. Amy Nieto said:

    OMG. I sampled “amy nieto photography” on the Radio font and it looks ADORABLE.

  7. tara said:

    I am totally going to write Archer and Radio on my Trapper Keeper, with hearts and stars and sparkles all around – total design crush.

  8. Kelly said:

    nice choices! i think we need to start some sort of Pretty Fonts Anonymous (PFA!) club asap :)


  9. audrey said:

    yes, I share this “slight” obsession with you! That Archer is a true gem. Good find!

  10. Chloe said:

    Be sure to check out Leitura (I drool over the display faces) and URW Didoni.