astronomy photo of the day


holy cow.

thanks for reminding me to look at this incredible archive Renee.

10 Responses to “astronomy photo of the day”

  1. shanna said:

    thanks for sharing these, alyson. they’re amazing.

  2. juli said:

    i love this!!! it’s amazing to see how much more there is out there!

  3. renee anne said:

    you know what is freaky.

    I am going to have an art exhibition next week with another artist friend titled “a Cosmic Connection”.

    We have basically drawn inspiration from amazing images like this for our work.

    Far out. But I had no seen this archive before.

    I am obsessed with the images

    Do you know what is even more freaky. My name is Renee and for a section I thought you were refering to me.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Renee x

  4. Black said:

    Wow! These are spectacular! I really, really must buy an atstronomy book.

  5. Katie Ward said:

    These are amazing, beautiful photos. If only we could take these ourselves someday. What great vacation shots those would be! :)

  6. suzanne said:

    thanks for sharing those. i could look at astronomy photos for DAYS. i just get sucked right in.
    sometimes it’s hard to even imagine how infinite the universe is, never mind seeing actual photos!

  7. Amy Nieto said:

    I’ve been an avid reader of the APOD for a long time. Love to dream about space! *sigh*

  8. Des said:

    Excellent photos. I sincerely hope that NASA and space exploration will capture the general public’s imagination again.