f-troupe sandals for sale

dsc_6085 dsc_6080

it absolutely breaks my heart to part with these.  I ordered these F-Troupe sandals a few weeks ago and sadly they are just too small for me.  I purchased them from La Garconne, and unfortunately they were a final sale. the insole is incredibly comfortable and the straps are a super soft leather.  they are truly an amazing shoe.

they are a size 41, which should be a size 10, however they would fit a size 9.5 or 9 much better. I have another pair of F-Troupe that fit just fine, so naturally I thought these would fit but my toes were hanging over the edge!  I paid $105 for these, and I’m asking $85. {originally priced at $210, that’s an amazing deal!}  first come, first serve… email me if you’re interested.

5 Responses to “f-troupe sandals for sale”

  1. Meghan said:

    Love these! Unfortunately, I’m also a size 10 so I probably shouldn’t try to squeeze my big feet into them. So jealous of the lucky gal that snatches them up!

  2. Heidi Jo said:

    How sad! These are absolutely gorgeous! If I had the money, I would definitely be grabbing these from you.

  3. Melanie said:

    Ooooh, they’re lovely! I usually wear a 8.5-9 though… I’m afraid they still might be too big on me. If they’re still available, could you possibly measure the length of the shoe?

  4. Amy said:

    Hi, I had the same problem with these sandals. I am usually an 8.5 or 9 and the 39 has my toes hanging off the end. So sad because I love them! I wonder if these would fit me. Have you already sold them?