fall in the middle of summer


J. Crew kills me.  here we are, right in the middle of a heat wave, and now all I can think about is cardigans, cute jackets, wool shorts, and the perfect silk blouse.  at least the silk could stand this 102 degree weather.  and ooo la la this clutch.

7 Responses to “fall in the middle of summer”

  1. juste said:

    The Clothes looks perfect! Just right now i can see them perfectly in my wardrobe.:)

  2. Mallory said:

    i look through the j. crew catalog & just want everything. i remember like 5/6 years ago when i’d go into a j. crew store & not find a single thing i desired…. i don’t know if it’s that they got 10x more awesome, or my tastes just completely changed…

  3. marion said:

    yeah j.crew is sort of awesome right now, they have totally improved over the last few years. I got the catalog yesterday and decided I need pretty much everything :) come on fall!!

  4. Jane Flanagan said:

    I filled an online shopping bag with 7 things last night. I was sooo tempted to check out. Then I whittled it down to 4. And I still resisted… but I’ll no doubt go back!

  5. beth h said:

    I love all the cardigans!! I resisted ordering as well…