flea market style


I really like this gal’s style.  a sweet pair of shorts, cute belt, simple tee, and some red hot flats. looks perfect for summer.

the high in Portland is reaching 108 today.  I’m trying everything I can to keep cool with lightweight tops, breezy skirts and sandals.  how about you?  what kind of look gets you through the heat of summer?

7 Responses to “flea market style”

  1. Kate said:

    I can’t believe how hot it is in the North West! insane. My facebook news feed is just status updates of Seattle people complaining about the heat, and new yorkers complaining about the rain:)

  2. Jane Flanagan said:

    She’s lovely.

    I can’t believe how hot it is there! Toronto is uncharacteristically cool this summer, but the first summer we had here I melted in the soupy, hot air, took lots of cold baths and eventually went and bought an AC unit.

  3. Emily Katz said:

    loose silk tank top, cream hemp/organic cotton mini skirt, and spanish gladiator sandals. with bathing suit under it all. for spontaneous river rondezvous.
    it is freakin’ hot here!

  4. joanna goddard said:

    too cute! i can’t believe the temperatures right now. we’re having an insane thunderstorm at the moment!

  5. Tiffany said:

    dresses. nuff said. lol