message in a bottle


how cute would these be as favors at a wedding, stuffed with cute little notes for each guest.  I’m putting this one down in my wedding idea book.

20 Responses to “message in a bottle”

  1. anna and the ring said:

    Fabulous. Or even the other way around. Leave one in the middle of each table and have your guests write silly or sweet notes for you to cherish.

  2. prasanna said:

    This is so cute. I used to work as a PR executive earlier and I had a spa client and they sent out media invites in the form of messages in bottles…was sooo cool!

  3. Wearability.us said:

    Even I have to admit these are precious! I normally hate the idea of wedding favors, especially unpractical ones etched with the couple’s names, which you will never use and will end up collecting dust on a bookshelf somewhere. But these – so personalizable, and if nothing else you can stick a rosebud in it and call it a vase.

  4. casey said:

    that would be VERY cute, and right up your ally!!!

  5. Kelly said:

    what an amazing, thoughtful idea! i’d love to do these for presents even. :)


  6. PK said:

    Where did u get the bottles for this?