dlb and I went to see Moon yesterday afternoon.  if you know me at all, you know that I’m not much of a movie goer.  just never have been.  I usually wait until it comes out on video to watch most things.  however, after watching goosebump inducing previews and much arm twisting from dlb, I had to see Moon in the theatre.  and it was really great.  Sam Rockwell is fantastic in the film and I loved the dark scenery as well as the haunting soundtrack.  the movie made me think about life existing on the moon and how cool it would be to strap on a giant astronaut suit and bounce around in zero gravity.  fun, no?

8 Responses to “moon”

  1. Kate said:

    I LOVED it. I love Sam Rockwell to death.

  2. juste said:

    The whole week i watch moves, TV shows about universe. Usually i don’t like the things like that, but this time is quite great, i want more and ore information, it makes me dream!:)

  3. Morgan said:

    I saw it too and also really enjoyed it. It wasn’t what I expected but was pleasantly surprised by the super creative storyline behind it all. And yes, Sam Rockwell is awesome! But I guess you’d have to be if you’re the only character in the whole movie!

  4. eva said:

    i want to see this!! it’s so hot here i think i’ll go to a movie every night…

  5. Angela said:

    The costume/set design & make-up were all very effective. It’s amazing how much they managed to convey with such a bland palette. The astronaut costumes were amazing, I thought – especially the lace up detail on the back of their fabric helmets (most visible when he’s throwing up in the toilet)… very evocative.

  6. afton said:

    you went to a movie! what?! glad you enjoyed the cinema. i want to see this one too. it is playing for cheaps at cinemagic.