pick a pretty


since the u-pick farms are such a cool and amazing thing in Portland, dlb and I have decided rather than hiring a florist for our wedding that we are going to pick flowers ourselves, with the help of our amazing friends and families of course.  so this weekend, we headed out to the farm to see what was in bloom this time of year.  I’ve had this idea in my head from the very beginning about using dahilas but I wasn’t sure if they would be in bloom.  much to my delight, they were bright, colorful and oh so pretty and perfect.  we plan to arrange dahilas and zinnias as well as some other random flowers and greenery in small thrifted vases and jars on the tables.


13 Responses to “pick a pretty”

  1. chelsea said:

    Yay! So pretty! You’ll be just fine with dahlias anytime between mid july and september/oct.

  2. Sarah said:

    I love this idea. I think your wedding is going to be beautiful!

  3. Jane Flanagan said:

    what a perfect idea. I love these photos and am sure your wedding will be as beautiful!

  4. erin said:

    such a lovely idea. i may have mentioned this here before, but my family did this for my older sister’s wedding last summer. i have to say, spending the morning of the wedding cutting flowers from a neighbor’s garden with my sisters and friends was one of my favorite parts of the day. freshly cut flowers all lined up in mismatched glass jars…couldn’t be more perfect!

  5. Erin said:

    That’s brilliant! For my bf’s mom’s wedding we got flower from…I think it was Sammy’s in Portland. Pretty reasonable and lovely blossoms but u-pick is such a great alternative. Making note now!

  6. nicolle said:

    oh that will be beautiful! i love the fact that you will be picking them along with family and friends. :)

  7. Kate said:

    This is quite beautiful. I’m trying to get better about recognizing neat jars/bottles that float through our kitchen so I can utilize them for other projects like this.

  8. charlotte said:

    sweet, reassuring suprise this is, as I just washed all my thrifted vases and bottles for my daughter’s upcoming wedding. we too are using dahlias and zinnias and other seasonal stems in various containers. just had to embrace who we are- eclectic, imperfect though well-loved and relaxed. thanks to abby for the link that brought me your way.