in my dreams, the brick and mortar shop I own looks a lot like Pigment.

thanks so much for posting this Joy!

9 Responses to “pigment”

  1. Sarah said:

    Wow, that’s amazing. I would love to visit this store!

  2. Lauren T said:

    So I’m thinking I want to do something with my closet…damask wallpaper to match the rest of the bedroom, the kind that has that velvety feel when you run your fingers on it, and a pretty little chandelier…any inspiration ideas?

  3. paula said:

    In my dreams too. wouldn’t it be fun if homes had window displays?

  4. Jai said:

    I peed in my pants when I saw about pretty this store is.

  5. Emilia said:

    This is my favorite shop in San Diego! It is right next to my favorite brunch spot and my favorite bar so I stare longingly at the terrariums after hours quite often.