still dreaming…


hi friends!  I’m still dreaming about my weekend in the woods.  not to mention my amazing lunch break mini-concert with Andrew Bird.  I’ll be back tomorrow.  I hope you had a nice weekend!  xo

7 Responses to “still dreaming…”

  1. lyn said:

    i really love the shot from inside your tent. it’s like a little stained glass window. also…andrew bird? mini lunch concert? old pals?! how cool is that!

  2. Johanna said:

    These photos make me wish I were there. And Oh, I love Andrew Bird. Sounds wonderful!

  3. rachel said:

    i love the panoramic first shot. i can imagine what a breathtaking view it must have been in person.

  4. seesaw designs said:

    mini concert with andrew bird? amazing! i love him. (and great picture of you two.)

    also, thank you thank you for having us as blog of the week…we’re flattered.

  5. Aron said:

    Andrew bird… just can’t get enough of him!