tiny studs


if you couldn’t already tell, I’ve got a major thing for rings.  tiny rings especially.  and I love this tiny studded ring to pieces.

11 Responses to “tiny studs”

  1. Kate said:

    one of my favorite etsy shops, for sure!

  2. eva said:

    very very pretty. i love delicate rings too.

  3. joanna goddard said:

    beautiful! i love teeny rings, too. my wedding ring is just a little sliver! :)

  4. Tara said:

    What lovely, delicate pieces! Thanks for pointing me to this Etsy shop!

  5. lindsay said:

    I love small rings too – but they look scary on my big fingers. These are pretty!

  6. Lauren said:

    I also love rings, from big ones to super fine delicate ones, I just love these…one super small one for the pinky would be very nice…

  7. mosey said:

    oooh, it’s wonderful! i love tiny rings too because my hands are small :)

  8. kelly said:

    i realize this is almost a year later, but i keep coming back to this post! what is the name of the etsy seller? the link doesn’t work now… thanks!