tvod jumpsuit

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I really love the TVOD jumpsuit from Vain & Vapid, especially that braided suede drawstring.  I’m quite into braided things lately…

7 Responses to “tvod jumpsuit”

  1. amy said:

    i know, i want seriously want this too. it’s perfect. i am dreaming of it for my birthday.

  2. juli said:

    ive been a big fan of her stuff for a long time! she manages to wow me everytime she updates her shop

  3. melly said:

    i love this so much as well! been looking for a romper that doesn’t make me look 12 for awhile now. if only i had more monies!

  4. Wearability.us said:

    Oh my lord, this jumpsuit is perfection in design. It looks so comfortable, but still so luxurious in that fabric! And black! Hmm… $128 isn’t all that bad I guess, but I’d have to wait a month or two before I feel okay spending over $100 on anything after last months binge O_o

    Thanks for the tip – another etsy seller added to faves!

  5. Vain & Vapid said:

    Thanks so much Alyson!

    Love your new project as well. The cards and journal are so beautiful….