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Your Parting Gift

sundaysuppers_market_menu_003Ideas like this one from Sunday Suppers make me what to throw a dinner party. I love how each component of Karen’s party is not only simple and beautiful but also meant to be reused and recycled. Her menus are artfully printed on brown paper bags, and the bag is also what you will need to carry home your souvenirs from her party. Each guest is encouraged to fill the bag with seasonal peaches on the way out….


(Photos: Karen Mordechai)


Wendy Mink on the cheap

As much as I’m in love with the wonderful Brooklyn boutique Bird, I usually have to dream on or really save my pennies to buy something there. But I just noticed that they have three gold vermeil pieces by Wendy Mink for $30 and under! They do not look like your average thrifty jewelry. I love the moonstone ring best.

{post by kate}

Hi, Unruly People

Linda Farrow Jeremy Scott

I’m not Alyson…. but I do love her blog and think she is an all around fabulous girl. I’m Julie and my blog is Vain & Vapid. Alyson was good enough to invite me to be a guest blogger here on Unruly Things for the week and I am really excited that she did because I think it will be a lot of fun to blog on some new, Alyson-y topics. For those of you who don’t know me, I am from New York, I design clothes, I love shoes and cats and cake (who doesn’t, right?), I am a fast walker and I speak horrible German.


Pic: Vogue UK  May 2008
Photographed by Mario Testino

Now onto to the blogging….


Hello & A New Obsession

Hello all you lovely Unruly-Things readers!

I’m Roberta Jane, the editor of a little blog called Camp Comfort. I was so excited when my new Portland neighbor and friend, Alyson asked me to guest blog on Unruly-Things this week. I’ve been a huge fan of Alyson’s for a while, so it’s a total pleasure! I’ve got lot’s of goodies to share with you this week, so let’s get it started…

Today I wanted to share with you one of my new obsessions for Fall – Backpacks! I know, not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of great style, but there are loads of utilitarian-chic styles in the market right now and I am itching to get my hands on one.


I recently discovered the accessories company Ora via the equally amazing Forest Bound. Ora has a great line of leather and suede bags made from repurposed, vintage materials. I ooed and awed over their leather backpacks.


Be sure to check out their full line of bags here!


Guest Blogging

Hello, everyone! I’m Kate and I’m going to be guest blogging this week because Alyson is a busy bee, as you can imagine. If you don’t know me, my blog is called For Me, For You – as is my shop of prints and jewelry. I’ve always thought that if I didn’t live thousands of miles away (New York City) from Alyson, we’d be great friends because we seem to have similar tastes – so I’m very excited to fill in for her this week! I just wanted to introduce myself before posting begins, more to come later.

(photo by me)

sunday funday


hello there friends!  I hope you’re enjoying the last bits of your weekend.  I had quite the good one:  pear pizza, huckleberry muffins, farmers market goodies, hiking with friends, beers and nachos.  I guess I ate a lot this weekend.  at least the hiking worked it off.

thanks SO much to everyone for your kind words about Postal Press. if you didn’t hear already, we’re live.  AND we’ve set up the details for international shipping!!  yahoo!

I’ll be taking this week off from this little space, but have no fear, I’ve got the week lined up with some of my best blog buddies out there.  Kate from For Me, For You, Roberta from Camp Comfort and Julie from Vain and Vapid will be guest blogging on Unruly Things this week.  I’m sure you won’t miss me too much.

see ya next week my friends!  xoxo

{photo by simply photo}


right this second…

Picture 3

WE’RE LIVE!!!!!!!

ok, I can barely stand it, I’m so excited.  Postal Press is finally live!  combined with our love for letterpress, vintage postage stamps, old fashioned letters and pretty packaging, early in 2009 we began talking about a little shop where we could offer all these things.  dlb and I put in so much work for the past 5 months making this little dream into a reality.  we’ve been hard at work creating wonderful things to stock the shop and we couldn’t be more pleased and happy with the outcome.  he built the webpage while I letterpressed away. we’re a good team, I’d say.  :)

thank you friends, I can’t tell you how much your support has meant.  so what are you waiting for, go check it out!  hip hip hooray!

note:  looks like the site isn’t working worldwide yet.  should take up to 48 hours, keep on checkin’ back!  also, we’re working out the details of international shipping and should have that set up on Monday!


a pretty girl + news

Picture 2

how pretty is Lindsay’s sister, Allison?  I really love her blouse and matching fingernails. I think she looks a little like Miss Zooey

and…  the big news you’ve been waiting for!  Postal Press will be live tomorrow for shopping and custom orders!  we’ve been working our fingers off getting the shop ready and in tip top shape.  I’m so excited I can barely stand it.  won’t you join me tomorrow?  in a little celebration of sorts?  the shop will open at approx noon, PST.  yay!!!!!!!