a pretty girl + news

Picture 2

how pretty is Lindsay’s sister, Allison?  I really love her blouse and matching fingernails. I think she looks a little like Miss Zooey

and…  the big news you’ve been waiting for!  Postal Press will be live tomorrow for shopping and custom orders!  we’ve been working our fingers off getting the shop ready and in tip top shape.  I’m so excited I can barely stand it.  won’t you join me tomorrow?  in a little celebration of sorts?  the shop will open at approx noon, PST.  yay!!!!!!!

12 Responses to “a pretty girl + news”

  1. casey said:

    yea! congratulations! can’t wait to check it out… and what a great picture!

  2. debbie said:

    guess i know where i’ll be looking after lunch ;).
    so happy for you, alyson!

  3. Ashley Dailey said:

    That is so exciting! I’m making a note to check it out tomorrow. :)

    Also, that sweater is amazing! I wonder where she got it?

  4. Sarah said:

    Yay! Congrats!! I absolutely cannot wait!!! :)