color on a grey day


we’re having rain today.  icky, misty, can’t-even-avoid-it-with-an-umbrella rain.  it feels like October.

however, even though I hate to say it because I’m really sad to see summer drifting away, it has me dreaming about fall.  changing of leaves, crisp fresh air, pumpkins, caramel apples…  and these lovely images from the Toast Early Autumn catalog couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

10 Responses to “color on a grey day”

  1. Corks&Caftans said:

    Oh you are so not alone on the Fall front… glad to see I don’t have to hide my sudden urge for autumn with shame! love the first photo; her hat is the bees knees! :)

  2. Roberta Jane said:

    Oh boy! That first outfit is perfect!!! Exactly what I’d like to be wearing today (although, it’s not actually as cold as it looks outside!)

  3. Claire said:

    I hate how Summer is nearly gone! Yet on the other hand I can’t wait to wrap up in chunky knits and scarves :)

  4. Lori Plyler said:

    I am with you! This girl is so ready for blue jean weather, she can’t stand it. :)


  5. gina said:

    oh, this is perfect. i can imagine a cool, crisp wind even in the midst of heavy, humid stillness.

  6. erica said:

    i loved looking at this catalog, especially today with the cooler temps. i was about to go for a late evening jog when i realized it was already dark out. i can’t believe how quickly summer has passed.

  7. Tara said:

    The top image is too divine…can’t wait for Fall!!