dace – fall 2009

Picture 8

like always, dace never fails at having me fall in love all over again.  that purple, the bright violet, those horses… stunning.

8 Responses to “dace – fall 2009”

  1. Sarah said:

    Must have that high wasted skirt. So, so beautiful!

  2. Anabela said:

    Oooh, love that last picture! What a sweet tunic!

  3. Celine said:

    I like the outfit in the photo with the girl in the hat. I love high waisted skirts with flowy blouses!
    fall fashion is already coming! I am excited!

  4. Amy Nieto said:

    that high wasted grey shirt looks wonderful. I think my grey is like your black :)

    I think I always misspell grey.