giveaway – sarah magid “organic & chic”


good morning friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  did I catch your eye with that gorgeous green cake?  I sure hope so, because I’ve got an amazing giveaway to start off the week.


have you heard of the lovely Sarah Magid?  she bakes the most amazing cakes and decorates them beautifully.  I posted about her cakes early in 2007 and have enjoyed watching her pop up over the blogisphere ever since.  last week, the Sarah contacted me to see if I wanted to host a special giveaway for a copy of her new book, Organic and Chic.  she sent me a copy of the book last week and my oh my friends, it’s truly a delight. the photography is beautiful and the recipes look oh so delicious!


so, to enter for a chance to win a copy of Sarah’s gorgeous book leave a comment here before Friday August 7 at 10am PST, saying who or what event you’d love to bake a cake or cupcakes for!  since I’m a sucker for pretty much anything with split vanilla bean, I baked the Vanilla Bean Butter cake into cupcakes and iced them with Vanilla Americana Icing, dyed pink with beet juice!  they are incredibly good.


good luck friends!  I’ve got a super busy day and will be back in full swing tomorrow.  happy monday!

170 Responses to “giveaway – sarah magid “organic & chic””

  1. Gabreial said:

    I would love to bake a cake for my boys who will start homeschool for the first time in a couple of week. I’m very exited for them and know this would make it so special.

  2. camellia said:

    I would love to bake cakes or cupcakes for my friend’s upcoming wedding. She is super-stylish and is going to wear a vintage suit as a wedding “dress”, so I would make something traditional with a subtle twist, and I would decorate the cake/cupcakes with white icing and silver decorations.

  3. erin said:

    yum! your cupcakes look delicious–and what a book! i would bake up a whole plate of cupcakes for my uncle ralph. he’s hit a bit of a rough patch, and i think a plate of cheery cupcakes are definitely in order!

  4. abby said:

    Oh my lord….this book looks amazing!
    I usually don’t sign up for give aways-but this is awesome.
    Okay, I’d like to bake cupcakes for all the people who helped with the summer social-they deserve it :)
    Hope you’re having a good monday, Alyson.

  5. stacy said:

    I would love to bake these cakes or cupcakes for my own wedding party. this book would serve as a much needed inspiration to me.

  6. Cate said:

    This book is exactly what I’ve been looking for! My boyfriend of over a year is coming home from a 4 month deployment and he absolutely LOVES when I bake for him. He is a sucker for my chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing :)

  7. joslyn said:

    what a lovely giveaway. audrey 6th b-day is coming up…we’d make her a fab/groovy organic cake to celebrate at her alice an wonderland party.

  8. Kelly said:

    my grandmother’s 85th birthday is coming up at the end of August. she has a sweet tooth just like me and i’d love to make her the be-all-end-all of cakes to celebrate her big day!


  9. Amy said:

    This book sounds amazing! I love to bake, but it helps when you have such gorgeous pictures to help inspire you. I’d love to bake some cupcakes for my Mom’s bday next week :)

  10. naa said:

    I would bake cupcakes for my best friend to show her that she’s still really dear to me.

  11. Jessica said:

    My nieces upcoming BIRTH day… (due in Oct)
    A five & two year old anxiously await… ♥

  12. Hollye said:

    I’d love to bake a cake for my 8th wedding anniversary. Yum Yum!

  13. our little love nest said:

    I would make cupcakes for my dad and mom who I miss so much just to let them know I love them dearly and wish we lived closer to each other. I hate missing all of their special occasions because we live at opposite ends of North America. xo
    (That is one very gorgeous book. I love the photos you chose to display it…soooo pretty that it stopped me in Twitter.)

  14. jen said:

    wow! such beautiful colors. i would love to bake some cupcakes for a special couple who are expecting their first child. and of course, take photos to share with all!

  15. amanda said:

    oh my goodness, i would love to try some of those delicious looking recipes!

  16. Janet said:

    AMAZING!!!This book looks so fabulous! I would love to bake for my parents 40th wedding anniversary! It would be such a special treat to surprise them!!!!

  17. lauren said:

    I would bake a cake for my boyfriend because his birthday is in 3 weeks!

  18. Kristen said:

    This book looks absolutely delicious :) I would love to bake cupcakes for the first baby in our family, my nephew Holden Aaron. I am hosting a baby shower for his mommy in one month and I think scrumptious little cupcakes are what the occasion needs!

  19. Brandi said:

    Wait. I need a reason to bake cupcakes and cakes? I don’t think so. I think what I love about cupcakes most is that baking them on a reasonless day for no occasion whatsoever makes the day special. They’re bound to make someone smile. And I just take them where I can share them so people can have that moment of indulgence where all they’re thinking about is the deliciousness gracing their taste buds.

  20. Lindsey said:

    That book looks amazing! I’d love to bake cupcakes for my sister to congratulate her on going back to school for her second degree. Thanks so much for the chance!

  21. sarah r. said:

    i would like to bake cupcakes for my boyfriend-turned-fiance. i love him more than anything!

  22. Rita said:

    Wow! I would love to have that book!

  23. Liz said:

    Ooooh yum. I was scanning a cookbook at the library and found a recipe for the cutest cake…with lollipops on top! One of my good friends is having a birthday soon, and I’m going to make it for her — almond cake, richmond chocolate frosting, and heart and star shaped lollipops!

  24. Elizabeth said:

    Inspiring! I’d bake cupcakes for my son’s second birthday! Just the right size for my pint sized joy – since I’ll be serving up sugar at least it’s organic!

  25. Lisa said:

    My sweet sister is planning to marry my husband’s brother (yep – you heard me right!) next summer. They want a homegrown, low-key affair and I want to bake their cake! This book would be perfect to help me on my way.

  26. jules said:

    sarah’s cakes are so magical! I’ve been looking forward to this book for a long time. I’ve just recently gotten into cake/cupcake baking and my fav is vanilla bean or chocolate with mint. I’d love to bake an anniversary cake for my husband because we didn’t freeze the top layer of our cake, and I’d like to start a new tradition! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  27. Kristen said:

    This book looks gorgeous! I would love to bake some cupcakes for one of my best friends, whose birthday is this weekend.

  28. Kallie B said:

    I would love to bake something so scrumptious and natural for my baby girl’s first birthday in a few months! The pink icing looks delicious!

  29. Giselle said:

    I would love to make cupcakes for my students for their first day of school. Your cupcakes look scrumptious! Thanks for sharing such a cool book!

  30. Elizabeth said:

    I would love to bake some cupcakes for my gal pal who just finished taking the bar exam. She deserves extra sprinkles, for sure!

  31. Amanda said:

    I’d bake a cake to celebrate Saturday, because Saturdays are the best.

  32. Kailie said:

    One thing I love about working the front of the house in hospitality is baking (for fun!). A day off means I can make cupcakes, cookies and other sugar-loving gifts for the staff. It’s a small gesture that always turns out to be a huge pick-me up, especially during the downtime.

  33. Jessie said:

    I don’t have any special events coming up, so I’d just bake a cake for my boyfriend and me to share. Yum!

  34. amanda said:

    I think that my coworkers and supervisors would LOVE cupcakes and cakes! Cubicle life can get boring and dull, so a little sugar would kick things up a bit.

  35. Laura said:

    I love baking and sometimes bake for no reason. The neighbors love it as I always take some over to them.

  36. Kate said:

    Oh I would love this book. I really want to try and make our cake/cupcakes for our vow renewal and this book would be great! We try and eat as much organic as possible, but I haven’t tried baking organically. Yay!

  37. Sarah E said:

    My best friend who works for a health website, just moved into a new apartment in NYC. I would love to bake her one of these recipes as a housewarming gift and because she would truly appreciate frosting dyed with beet juice!

  38. sarah said:

    i would win this book as a gift for my friend marisa. we work together at an organic grocery store & she LOVES to bake. would be a great way for me to repay her for all the yummy treats she brings in for all of us. fingers crossed!

  39. elizabeth said:

    What amazing cakes. Though I am not a baker, I would love to learn, there is nothing more wonderful than cakes and cupcakes. Wednesday is my birthday but I celebrate a whole birthday month, I would love to bake my first ever birthday cake then make it a tradition.

  40. Amanda said:

    I would so love to bake a cake for my staycation next week! mmmmm….

  41. Casey said:

    What a gorgeous looking book! I’m a huge sucker for baking books–especially ones with bright, tempting pictures. ;) lol! I think the next event I “have” to bake a batch of cupcakes for is my sister in law’s 15th birthday in January. I made cupcakes last year, but I want to refine them this year (the butter cream ended up being far too rich!). Maybe chocolate with fudge icing or something yummy. ;)

  42. Sara said:

    That book looks so beautiful and entertaining! I enjoy finding healthier alternatives to the sweets I love. It makes them THAT much better. If I had that book, I would bake a cake for my grandfather who is ill and spends most of his days indoors. He could always use a pick-me-up…why not cake?

  43. erica said:

    the photography alone is worth owning the book! i would love to make cupcakes for my department this coming fall. something to start off my final year in grad school with a tasty treat!

  44. Anne said:

    Ohhhhhh, I love cupcakaes! And cake! And frosting! Who doesn’t?! I am planning on having my best girlfriends over for a dinner party in the next few weeks…I am waiting for my cherry tomatoes to turn red from my backyard garden. Going to make the most delicious roasted tomato pasta dish ever with them. I think that every meal deserves a dessert and cupcakes or any kind of cake would go perfectly with this summer dinner party. What a fun give-away! Thanks!

  45. Shayna said:

    oh, I just received a kitchenaid as a wedding gift and i am wreaking havoc in the kitchen! i would like to bake a couple of pies for my wedding party in 2 weeks and a cheesecake for my grandfather, just because.

  46. Martina said:

    Oofta, that does look like a fantastic book! Personally, I am very excited to bake my boyfriend a birthday / anniversary cake for the first time. We’ll be celebrating his birthday and our 3 year anniversary, which are less and a week apart, together for the first time. Every year, we’ve been away on business or living out of the country for 6 months (that was me) and have in three years not spent one birthday or anniversary together! This year, however, we are guaranteed a celebration, and I for one will be baking a beautiful cake!

  47. alex said:

    those cute cupcakes are making me hungry!
    i might try recipes out of the book just for myself, but i’m also helping to host a bridal shower in september that could always use more yummy desserts.

  48. sarah said:

    ooooh this looks fantastic! i love a homemade cupcake and these look amazing!!

  49. Elisabeth said:

    My girlfriends and I have a tradition we call “midnight baking,” wherein we get together on a designated night, drink a lot of wine, and bake something new every time. I’d LOVE to have this book, so I can offer up a bunch of pretty, organic, and tasty treat recipes for the next installment.

  50. moxie said:

    I’d love to have a soiree just for the sake of summer and cupcakes themselves.

  51. Alicia said:

    My mom’s birthday is this month. For my birthday she pulled out all the stops and made me the most fantastic sour cream almond birthday cake! I’d love to return the favor with one of these awesome recipes.

  52. brianne said:

    i have a couple baby showers coming up that are SCREAMING for some of these cakes :)

  53. Lina said:

    I’d love to bake a cup cake for my daughter Adelaida who will be born on November. I have eaten cup cakes all through my pregnancy… I wouldn’t like her to loose to habit!

  54. leslie said:

    my katie friend who is sweeter than a cupcake herself!

  55. Haley said:

    I’d like to try out one of the recipes for my anniversary dinner next month. I was going to make the same cake that I made for our wedding, but trying out one of those recipes would be even better. In addition to celebrating being married a whole year, we also will be celebrating getting a new oven! (ours broke shortly after our wedding and we have been stuck with just a range ever since, but we are picking up the new oven next week, hooray)

  56. Michelle said:

    My granddad has the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know, so I’d use this to whip up something great for his 85th birthday.

  57. Emily T said:

    I’d love to make cakes for three upcoming birthdays in my family – dad, oldest bro and mom. It would be fun to tailor the flavor and design to their personal favorites.

  58. Heidi Jo said:

    My little sister is pregnant with baby #1 and I would love to bake numerous wonderful things for her family shower!

  59. Caroline said:

    Oh, what a great giveaway! My boyfriend’s family is full of wonderful bakers! Maybe this book with help me be on their level! ;) And the fact that it is organic is a major plus!

  60. Heather said:

    baby shower coming up! I’d love to use it for that!!

  61. Mara said:

    A great friend is moving away at the end of the month. I’ve love to bake something for her.

  62. Haley said:

    I am planning a carnival theme party and hope that I would love to be inspired by one of the cakes in this beautiful book.

  63. Vanessa said:

    I’d love to bake that exact cake, but maybe with some trains or dinosaurs on top hehehe, for my son’s birthday in 2 weeks. He’s obsessed with the color green and that’s what his day will be all about.

  64. kaitlin said:

    Oh. My.

    I might have to buy this book with leftover wedding gift cards…unless I win it.

    I would love to bake cupcakes for all the incoming history students at my university. They would be vanilla, which is a great anytime flavour, with a choice of pumpkin icing (for fall) or raspberry icing (our school colours).

    So excited to find this book. Hee.

  65. Claudia said:

    I love cakes…even better if they are organic.
    This book looks delicious!
    The pictures. oh wow, lovely.

  66. Erin said:

    Yum! That book looks awesome. I would love to bake a cake for my friends birthday party this weekend.

  67. Borda said:

    I’d bake a cake for YOUR wedding! Or bridal shower. Or bachelorette party… you get the idea.

  68. Eve said:

    What a lovely giveaway! That book looks adorable and amazingly delicious! I have always wanted to have a picnic one day by a lake on in a park with my friends and dress in pretty dresses. I would bake a lovely cake or cupcakes!

  69. Lindsay said:

    Holy crap, that green cake is amazing!

    I’d love to make a cake for our weekly craft-club, or even use cupcake decorating as one of our craft projects.

  70. Lauren said:

    My boyfriend and I just moved into our first apartment together. I can’t wait to bake up a layer cake to celebrate unpaking the last of the boxes. I try to use organic ingredients whenever possible/affordable, and am super excited to try Sarah’s recipes. Thank you!

  71. Amanda said:

    I am planning on baking some cupcakes and layer cakes for our at-home reception this spring. I’ve been looking for the perfect recipes and just dying to get my hands on this book!

  72. dc said:

    i would bake cupcakes for the humans present at my dog’s 3rd birthday party. he is getting his own puppy cake, but we need lovely treats too!

  73. Mallory said:

    i’d bake cupcakes for my friend stephanie. she just moved into her first apartment, & i’d bring them over as a charming housewarming gift. the book looks amazing.

  74. caroline said:

    i’d love to bake a beautiful cake for my best friend who is in town for a month. i could definitely blow her socks off with something like that.

  75. Jenny said:

    Wow that book looks delicious! I’m planning a “bring back the summer” party for all my friends that I’d love to bake some summery cupcakes for! Chicago is having one of the chilliest summers ever so we could all use the pick-me-up!

  76. Meghan C said:

    Do I need a special occasion to bake any of these yummy-looking cakes? How about: Because it’s Monday! Hehehe.

  77. Whitney said:

    I want to have a party at my apt for all my friends and make mini cupcakes in bright colors.

  78. Bridget said:

    I just started a GRT position (graduate resident tutor, kind of like an RA) and I’ll be doing a survey at the beginning of the year asking about their birthdays and favorite colors and cake type in order to surprise them each with cake on their birthday!

  79. erin said:

    I was just coveting that book on amazon. I was going to put it on my Christmas wish list. I love the photos on this blog post.

  80. Amanda said:

    Love this. How nice since it’s my birthday tomorrow:)

  81. Emily said:

    I would love to make cupcakes as a surprise for my boyfriend one evening. The split vanilla bean sounds amazing and what a lovely book!

  82. lily said:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm I would love to get an organic cake book! I dont really know what I would do with the cupcakes, but I might make something for fun…or for my sisters birthday tomorrow. I am 14 years old and I like to try to cook!

  83. renee anne said:

    gorgeous looking book!

    I would bake something for my mum and my nan to share on a lazy afternoon sipping fine tea from pretty cups and eating with tiny forks.

    There is no need to a “special occassion” because this sounds pretty special to me!

    Renee x

  84. Amelia said:

    i’d love this book, especially for the upcoming wedding shower I’m helping to co-host. oh and of course as inspiration for my blog. :)

  85. Kesha said:

    I would bake cupcakes for all of the single grandmas that live on my street. They are so vibrant and full of smiles but I am sure they they would enjoy some cupcakes!

  86. Alya said:

    I would bake it for our Thursday gatherings at my grandmother’s house. She thinks everything I cook is great and its so sweet that she never said a negative thing about it. Even if something is not as nice as it should be, she’ll still say its wonderful.

  87. Sarah said:

    Great giveaway! I would bake my husband a birthday cake to celebrate his upcoming 30th birthday!

  88. Chloe said:

    What a fabulous book!

    I’d like to bake cupcakes for no reason in particular, except to enjoy them. I have been out of the country for the past month, and I am flying home today, and baking in a kitchen I am familiar with, surrounded by the people I’ve missed, would be divine.

  89. cali said:

    Oh I looove her work! I’ve been having cake baking fever lately (thanks to amazing wedding cakes, ace of cakes and cake boss — too much cake tv!)
    I would be thrilled to win this book so I could bake something extra special for my grandparents when I visit them out in cleveland towards the end of the summer. :)

  90. emily said:

    You sure did catch my attention with that green cake! I would love to bake a cake for my Mum and Dad to thank them for all of their years of dedication and hard work. I leave for university in less than a month and could never thank them enough for helping get to where I am today.

  91. nole @ oh so beautiful paper said:

    What a fabulous giveaway! I’d bake cupcakes to celebrate both my own upcoming birthday and my blog’s 1-year anniversary – both in the same week in early September! xoxo

  92. Amy B. said:

    I would be completely selfish and bake them for myself, because it’s my birthday on Saturday!

  93. Elli said:

    I haven’t seen some of my closest friends for a couple years, mainly due to distance (and lacking of finances!), but I would love to bake a cake to celebrate a reunion and just enjoy their company and laughter.

  94. danielle said:

    yum! my mother-in-law is turning 50 and I would love to bake her something extra special from this book.

  95. Jess said:

    Ooh, I’ve been drooling over pictures of Sarah’s beautiful cakes and cupcakes the past few days! My fiance and I try to eat as much organic food as possible – I’d love more inspiration for organic desserts. We are getting married in October and I am making cupcakes as our wedding cake. I’d love to be able to make them organic from one of Sarah’s recipes!

  96. Jean Marie said:

    Too pretty to eat – not quite? :) I would bake a cake for my co-workers and my friends. We are having an open house near the end of the summer, and since my cooking skills are not so fabulous, I would love to surprise people with a beautiful, too pretty to eat, but not quite, cake.

    Thank you for your inspiring photos!

  97. lin said:

    Oh, your cupcakes are so adorable!
    I would love to bake my own batch for my tea party I will be throwing with my best friend in two weeks! We are planning to have it in our backyard with a handful of our closest friends, and I can imagine a table full of delicious baked goods that would just be perfect with tea!

  98. Lisa said:

    Ooh, I love baking and this book has been on my wish list. I would love to bake some cupcakes for our housewarming in September. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  99. amelia said:

    ohh my goodness how delicious! my sister’s birthday is coming up and she’ll be in Africa, but how I wish I would be there to bake a chocolate cake for her –


  100. jenni said:

    After reading about sarah’s accessory inspired cakes back in the nytimes, ive wanted to get my sugary paws on her book. I am planning and hosting a Kauai themed bridal shower for my sister-to-be, with a huge spread of sweets and cakes! Plus after working the first annual sfchefs.food.wine. festival (http://www.sfchefsfoodwine.com/default.aspx) this upcoming weekend i know i will be inspired and wanting to get in the kitchen, with with “organic & chic”
    thanks for posting!

  101. Anna said:

    I would love to bake for children in Guatemala. My friends recently went there and saw so many children. I think all kiddos deserve a cupcake or two and a hug.

  102. Marilee said:

    Well, this is just amazing. I saw the post you did on her in 2007, and I quickly saved the picture of her cake to my inspiration folder. If I were to win this book, I would bake a delightful cake for my boyfriend’s homecoming party in a couple weeks. It’s a joyous occasion that needs amazing food!

  103. Sara said:

    I would love to bake cupcakes for my mom’s birthday coming up later this month! She cooks me dinner every night, I should return the favor with delicious sweets!

  104. Erica said:

    i would love to bake coconut cake for my boyfriend .
    He LOVES coconut , every kinda cake with coconut flavor .
    We’re far away from each others , he’s in Portugal n i am in Hong Kong …
    i wish i can bake for him everyday …. if we’re closer to each others .

  105. Amanda said:

    I’ve been busy this summer making teas for hungry cricketers.
    This book would give me loads of new ideas to add to my repertoire. Cricketting etiquette requires three different varieties of cake per tea and I’m running out of ideas.
    Best wishes

  106. Abby said:

    What a lovely idea!

    I would love to bake some delicious goodies for our neighbors to be. We’re moving in a few weeks and I have never gotten to know any of the people we’ve ever lived next to and have just plucked up the courage to do so now! It would be grand to be able to make something new, thanks for the chance.


  107. Elissa said:

    How wonderful to be able to colour icing without artificial yuckiness. I discovered red velvet cake for the first time this year and was disappointed to see that most recipes contain red food colouring (I had assumed it was beet).

  108. jamie said:

    I just baked cupcakes for my boyfriend’s surprise pirate party! He is really picky about desserts and I heard him oh-so-recently say that he loves yellow cake and chocolate icing. (NOT my favorite… but it was his birthday, so I rolled with it!) :-)

    I baked cupcakes and my dear friend Dawn helped me ice them – she’s a professional and she brought over official buttercream icing to pipe on… she even piped on tiny skull and crossbones – they were adorable!

    In the future, I’d love to know more so that I can make him treats on my own and not have to rely on a more talented friend! :)

  109. paula said:

    what a fabulous giveaway. I have been eying this pretty little book.

  110. Lia said:

    my friend loves to bake and her birthday is coming up ! for some reason, i just love cupcakes – and i would bake her some chocolate cupcakes !

  111. Gina said:

    Yay! I would back a big ol’ batch of cupcakes and ice them prettily and try to make sunflowers for the tops, then I would give them as little surprises to all of my friends! A happy and sweet surprise for a hot summers day!

  112. Daniella said:

    This is so cute! I’d be baking cupcakes for an upcoming get together with all the women in my family and my girlfriends, we’re having a champagne & sweets event! So excited! This book would be great inspiration.

  113. Marie-Eve said:

    I’d like to bake for my delicious mom, the person who has the sweetest tooth that I know!

  114. Julie said:

    My boyfriend is about to move to Spain to go back to school. I would love to send him off with some yummy cupcakes- his favorite!

  115. Megan said:

    I absolutely LOVE baking for my friends on their birthdays and sometimes just when I know they are having a hard time. A platter of cupcakes always makes someone smile! I love that.

  116. Megan said:

    YUM-those cupcakes look delicious and bright pink frosting is just too cute :) I am moving into my first official house with room mates (no more dorm life for me!) at the end of August and I think whipping up a bunch of cupcakes would be perfect for our first housewarming party :)

  117. tastymoog said:

    I am on a baking ban because I have been baking way too much and then eating too many of the goodies! So, I am looking forward to my birthday in September, when I will bake myself cupcakes again… or maybe a cheesecake… or a pie… ! :D

    This book looks amazing! Always looking for new baking inspiration.

  118. Laura Brown said:

    Yummy! I’d love to make something sweet for a summer picnic.

  119. sarah said:

    i would love to bake a cake for my sister’s birthday and wedding anniversary. both are on the same day, so i have to make something special! this book would help me so much!!

  120. Maggie said:

    This looks lovely! I’d bake a cake for my boy and I, and eat it on our porch so we could enjoy one of my favorite summer pairings: pretty sweets and good company!

  121. GORETTI said:

    I’m form Barcelona and cupcakes and this kind of american cakes are just not easy to find, so this book is the one I truly need. I want to bake some yummy stuff at my boyfriend goodbye party. He is moving to China for a year and I want to give him a really sweet goodbye! I am missing him already :( but baking is a going to make me laugh while I wait for him.
    Gorgeous blog here!

  122. Kim said:

    I’d love to bake cupcakes for all of my best girls. Love your blog!

  123. Larraine said:

    Beautiful book! I would like to bake cupcakes for a family party I’m planning for Labor Day weekend. I had double knee replacement surgery July 9th and am in the midst of physical therapy and forced inactivity. By September, I’ll be able to walk with no pain and no cane. I want to treat my husband and our family. Mmmmmm cupcakes. We’ll have several birthdays to celebrate also. Cupcakes are the perfect solution.

  124. Brit said:

    I discovered you blog and I am fascinated – it’s gorgeous!
    You have the feeling for lovely things and this reflects in you blog. Thanks for sharing all your inspirations.
    Best wishes

  125. megpie said:

    My family puts on a FREE three-day music and arts festival aptly named Gratisfest, on my grandparents farm. Gratisfest is a weekend of camping, communal art for children and adults, live music, and homegrown homebaked food. I would love to make some of these beautiful cupcakes to share!

  126. Celine said:

    I would love to bake a cake for my husband for our one year anniversary! It would be my first cake, because all the prior attempts have failed :( and ice it with a funky colour! I love that you used beet juice!

  127. Tricia Z said:

    I would love to bake cupcakes for my good friend Joy-she is a joy to know and a joy to be around- she deserves to be given a little back! Thanks!

  128. Lindsay Y. said:

    What lovely cupcakes you made! I’ll have to try beet juice as food-coloring sometime…so clever.

    I’d like to bake some cupcakes for my mom, just because.

  129. Sara said:

    Oh! This is a fantastic book! I read about it somewhere, and I was actually thinking of picking it up! How lucky I stumbled onto this!
    My boyfriends parents and close friends eat mostly all organic, and their 25th anniversary is coming up and they have people catering but they asked their kids and friends to all bring a dessert!
    My boyfriend and I have been given the task of the cake, and I’m nervous, but this would be absolutely fantastic!

    There’s still time before the anniversary, but this would be just a lovely addition to my bookshelf and for their special day!

    Have a great week, good luck with the draw, haha!

  130. Sophie said:

    i want to bake a beautiful cake for my husband, who will turn forty in september. i have been thinking about it for months. :)

  131. Julka said:

    I have been eyeing this cookbook for some time. Although, I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, every time I visit Sarah Magid’s blog or see a video of her, she is so charming that I cannot imagine it isn’t as wonderful. I would bake cupcakes for my students at the end of the semester. I always try to make something for them to celebrate all their hard work and these bright and delightful treats would be perfect.

  132. Julie O. said:

    That looks like a lovely book! I would love to bake some cupcakes for an end of summer BBQ and also a cake for my mom’s birthday next month!

  133. Jax said:

    I’d love to make cupcakes for my best friend’s bridal shower next month! I’ve been salivating over the photos from this book ever since they started making the rounds on the internet.

  134. Erin said:

    I would love to bake cupcakes for my son’s birthday!

  135. Briana said:

    Oh my, those look yummy! If I can ever get it together (my son’s birthday is 4 days before Christmas), I dream of making beautiful homemade birthday cakes for my children’s birthday parties!

  136. beth lamphier said:

    wow!!great book, i would bake cupcakes for my sweet neighbors…like a cupcake party!!

  137. Carrie said:

    To be completely honest… I would love to bake cupcakes for me, myself, and I (and anyone else that may pop in mid-devouring!).

  138. sara berman said:

    absolutely amazing, love the green, makes you want to start cutting into it right now!

  139. Brigitte said:

    Well…I have a dear friend who’s turning 50 [aack!!] later this month. A new cookbook would be great! … cause one can never have too many cookbooks :)

  140. Laura said:

    I love cupcakes and I love cakes. All I do well is bake.
    I would bake him a big green cake with flowers and surprise him!
    Then I would bake cupcakes for my best friend’s birthday that she never wants to celebrate on 9-11 and more cupcakes her 3-year old twin girls!
    Gosh, all this talk about cakes, I hope I can bake something soon!

  141. Katie said:

    My oldest son’s 18th birthday. A special birthday, and probably the last of his birthdays he’ll be home for! Next year he will be away at college, and then out into the world.

  142. Kara E said:

    Ooo all of those look adorable! The photography looks gorgeous and I bet the cakes are delicious.

  143. Kara E said:

    Oops! of course I would bake a nice big cake for my house warming party in September!

  144. erin said:

    I really love love this book…I’ve been looking at it for sometime. My husband is a youth pastor and we through parties and events for the youth group all the time and I always make cupcakes or cakes…I’d love to be able to make organic for them. Also, my daughter turns two in December and I’m throwing a winter garden party for her second birthday and I would love to be able to use this book.

  145. Christie Qualey said:

    … for a picnik with friends on a sunny day in green grass with tablecloths and sun hats and eyeshades and smiles and bare feet and cool drinks and fresh veggies, rustic bread, cheese, and dessert- a beautiful cake.

  146. AnnieB said:

    I’d love to bake my mom some cupcakes. Her b-day is later this month and I’m flying in to suprise her!

  147. alicia said:

    these cakes look divine. i’d make this cake for my grandmother’s birthday in october. she’s turned organic, and would appreciate a beautiful (organic) delicious birthday cake. yum!

  148. sarah said:

    this month I move into a college dorm for the first time! I’d love to bake a cake for all the girls on my floor, maybe the day after we move in. I’d love to bake a cake half as gorgeous as the ones in her book! ahh this book would be perfect.

  149. C said:

    when my husband and i got married we decided to forgo the classic wedding cake for whoopie pies. but i would love to make a sweet & organic little cake for our anniversary. this book is wonder-lovely!

  150. Susan said:

    These cakes are lovely works of art and I was just smiling the whole time I read that post. I’ve been living in Japan for two years (no ovens besides toaster ovens here!!), but I am coming home to visit my family for six weeks in December. I would love to make any, or each and every one, of these cakes for my family when I finally get to see them again. It’s okay to eat cake every day for six weeks, right?????

  151. sarah said:

    how exciting! I’ve loved seeing pictures of Sarah’s cakes pop up in the blogosphere; her decorations are SO inspiring and I’d love to learn how to make them!

    I’d like to bake a cake or cupcake for my boyfriend, who seems to love me more every time I do it. =) Plus, he takes the leftovers in to his firm, so we don’t have to eat it all ourselves!

  152. hanna said:

    I think the next thing I’d bake cupcakes for would be for my mom’s class when school starts.

  153. amy said:

    I would love to bake cupcakes for my daughter’s first birthday in January! I’m thinking that cupcakes are going to be the theme of the party because lets be honest…a baby’s first birthday party is a celebration of the parents surviving the first year and i love cupcakes so we all win!

  154. Rachel said:

    I love cupcakes. LOVE them. They are travel-sized, sprinkled, sugary, pretty packages of happiness. I would bake some of these lovely organic cupcakes to win the heart of an oh-so-handsome organic-loving man.

  155. Lauren said:

    I would first love to read this book from beginning to end with my three daughters 9,7,6 and watch them oohh and aahh over the photos, then we girls would head into our kitchen and bake cupcakes for Dad and little brother 4. We would have so much fun and the whole family would be in cupcake bliss!

  156. Lindsay said:

    I’d like to have a tea party for all my friends when we get back to school; since they don’t sell cake mixes in Switzerland -and we can’t afford to weigh down our suitcases with them- we never get to have traditional “american” yummies (cakes, brownies, cupcakes, choc.chip cookies -well, they don’t sell choc.chips), and these look even better than the usual!! I’m sure everyone would be thrilled to be greeted with those lovelies! I hope I win!!!!

  157. wakako said:

    I would love to bake cupcakes for my girlfriend who are having twins. Boy and girl. How fun would it be to bake a pair of cupcake? Each with its own personality but still looks like they are a part of a same family.

  158. Tiffany said:

    I would love to bake special cupcakes for my grandfather who was just diagnosed with cancer a few days ago. Since I myself am a cancer survivor, I would like to bake two and eat them together as a symbol of strength from one survivor to another and that everything is going to be ok. I feel cupcakes are full of love, hope, faith, and optimism. Therefore, it would be the perfect treat for us both to share. Pray for him please.

  159. Ashley said:

    Cake for my very small wedding.

  160. Vanessa said:

    I would bake them to share with my coworkers who are so supportive and a delight to work with.

  161. ikkinlala said:

    I’d love to bake a cake for my mom’s birthday.

  162. Amanda B said:

    I really don’t need an occasion to find an excuse to bake anything… I’m always in the mood for a tasty treat; however I would love to bake my nieces first Birthday Cake on Sept. 9th.

  163. Emily said:

    i would love to bake cupcakes for my very first nephew’s very first birthday. he’s just 3 months old now but i, like probably every other proud new autie, am convinced he is a genius. i cant wait to watch him grow into a real person and to share sweet snacks and moments along the way.

  164. meg said:

    i really want to bake some cupcakes for my boyfriend’s daughter’s 4th birthday party, coming up at the end of this month!

  165. Amy said:

    B-days, B-days, B-days. There are always so many coming up at work, I am a nurse and it seems like there is always a RN or CNA with a B-day we can celebrate! I love mixing it up and trying new ideas!