metalic river rocks

Picture 5

I love these felted river rocks so much.  they make me want to run to the nearest craft store, buy metallic spray paint and metallize all of my rocks.

{via oh joy}

p.s.  sorry for the minimal posting today.  I’ll be in full swing tomorrow.

5 Responses to “metalic river rocks”

  1. Elise/Bekväm said:

    I felted rocks like this(a long time ago)! It was really simple and fun, all it takes is a bit of soap, water, wool and a rock.

  2. amanda said:

    it reminds me of when my little cousins go to the beach on vacation returning with handfuls of rocks to color and decorate and give out as presents. :)

  3. emilykristin said:

    that reminds me of this time when i was about 7 years old and my friend and i found a gold spraypainted rock, but we thought it was real and we were so excited. Turns out we just had good taste is all.

  4. laura said:

    Hey, I made these…not out of felt, I just spray painted some rocks I had, they look really pretty.