pops of red

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I remember seeing all these pretty dresses and pops of red from the Built By Wendy Fall ’09 collection during Fashion Week.  I definitely don’t have the right skin tone for bright red lips, but tights, pumps, accessories?

yes, please.

8 Responses to “pops of red”

  1. Anne said:

    I love red. So glad it is almost fall!! And so glad I am fair skinned and dark haired. I may not tan well but I can rock the red lipstick!

  2. 13bees said:

    i am currently obsessed with finding the perfect red patent elastic flats for fall. so funny you should post this!

  3. Tara said:

    Red and black — my favorite combo! So cute; I think I need red heels for Fall!

  4. joanna goddard said:

    wow! what is it w/red tights this season? kate spade + built by wendy + harvey faircloth. maybe everyone just watched Woman Is a Woman.