pretty girls on bikes


it seems that the pretty-girl-on-a-bike trend is becoming quite a regular occurrence among style sighting blogs, but I have to admit…  it really makes me want to rush out and buy that bike I was thinking about and enjoy these last days of summer with shorts, a pretty blouse and wind in my hair before the Portland rain sets in.

{via the sartorialist}

15 Responses to “pretty girls on bikes”

  1. e said:

    I loved the Electra Amsterdam, but like you, was kind of afraid riding around the city (I live in NY) so I never rode my cute vintage bike – it was too heavy, the handlebars were too wide. My friend has an Electra and I feel very unsafe on it – I would recommend getting something like a Trek or some sort of hybrid bike (commuter/comfort) that has speeds and bar handlebars – with the electra i felt like i was going to hit parked cars with my handlebars. Now that I have a bike with a couple speeds on it, I feel super safe and comfortable. It’s not an ugly bike – just not super vintage cute. I got a Trek 7300 – but they have even cooler urban bikes now.

  2. Ashley Dailey said:

    I’ve been wanting a bike for so long, but my husband is afraid for me because I’d be riding around the busy streets of Hollywood (and I am not the best driver in the world either). I think I’ll take the risk if I could look this pretty in a pair of shorts with the wind blowing in my hair! :)

  3. Erin said:

    I agree with the first poster–you should get a commuter bike. I just bought one made by Giant and love it. It is very flexible and can be used for both commuting and exercise. REI has a bunch of good ones on sale right now, too. http://www.rei.com/product/760872

  4. dc said:

    TREK is a reasonably priced and dependable bike. they are great starters. i started on a trek hybrid a little over 3 years ago since then i sold my car and have built myself 2 bikes. one is fast and light the other is vintage with fenders, a basket, and a bell. the more you ride the more confident you will become. granted the helmet does interfere with the whole wind in your hair aspect of city riding. i will say when you stop to lock up your bike and your hair comes falling out of your helmet all the boys look your way!

  5. nicole marie said:

    makes me really want to actually use the adorable bike i bought a year ago!

  6. joanna goddard said:

    i have an old vintage bike and love it — it’s a little clunky, but it’s great for riding around the city, and the best part is that vintage bikes don’t usually get stolen!

  7. two brunettes said:

    I have this really cute bike that I don’t get to ride too often because of living in upstate ny far away from city living. Its sad really because id love to ride down to a market with a cute basket on my bike to hold all my purchases. Aw. Get one!

  8. paula said:

    sigh* I desperately want family bikes. One day I suppose.

  9. Robin said:

    The other day my cute little basket on my bike broke off 10 + blocks from my home…it was full. It was an adventure :)

  10. jen said:

    i spent a couple weeks in lucca italy this summer and they were everywhere – pretty girls on bikes – everywhere!

  11. e.soule said:

    I agree with you completely. I would love a cruiser to pedal around town. How do these women manage to look so good when posing with the bike? I always feel sweaty and my hair all wind blown.

  12. chad said:

    i didn’t know bikes were also in to fashion!