right this second…


I’m so so happy:
it’s Friday.  that means relaxing, cooking dinner at home, together, with wine, salmon and something sweet.

lately, I’ve been thinking:
about my excessive spending.  a lot.  I’ve been thinking about limiting purchases to local, independent designers, small boutiques, vintage or etsy.  and this post really hit home.

and finally…..

I’m excited, thrilled, and can’t wait:
Postal Press will be live next week!!  REALLY!!!  stay tuned for details.

have a happy weekend my friends!

{photo of the oh so cute gus by lena corwin}

11 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. rachel said:

    That pup is so adorable.

    Can’t wait to see your shop open up! :)

  2. Megan said:

    Sounds like a wonderful Friday night is in store for you-salmon and wine does sound quite lovely right about now. Enjoy the weekend :)

    P.S. Such a precious photo!

  3. maria said:

    thank you for the link to the field guide post. i struggle with the same issues. disposable and wasteful. trendy vs. quality. inexpensive vs… my empty bank account!

    i know the answer. buy things i REALLY value. and be even more discriminating… that means more specific style and a higher personal value to each item i buy…

  4. abby said:

    Oh man.
    That post is amazing.
    I keep wanting to comment-but I guess my comment would just say “Amen”!
    Working where I do, I’m sure you can imagine the amount of “why is this expensive?” comments I get from people.
    The answer is-because a woman getting paid a fair wage and living here in Portland made that.
    For me, it is totally worth supporting. Let me tell ya, James and I were kinda forced into this situation when we sold our car years ago and we could not be happier. I treasure my hand made dresses and know the people who made them! Nothing feels better than that. Okay…I’m ending this super long comment soon….
    Good luck with your shop! It’s gonna be so rad.

  5. Jean P said:

    I am in love with Gus. What a fabulous dog. Lena’s or yours? Either way, whoever shares shelter with him is fortunate indeed. Thanks for this truly uplifting photo. How can you feel anything but fine and dandy with this imagine inside your cranium.

  6. Chloejessica said:

    Love the dachshund (i think it is one)! I have a doxie! Love your blog! :)

  7. Amy Nieto said:

    I am glad people think about these issues. Thankfully, I don’t ever really shop at all, but living in Portland makes it easier to lend a hand to the local boutique and it feels great. Every now and then I’ll shop at New Seasons (way cooler than WF), but granted, I do most of my shopping at Fred Meyer. Because Fred Meyer is flippin’ awesome. Also, I buy my music at local record stores, and I’ve had to put a stop to that ’cause man that is MY obsession. :) On weekends, I do my best to visit a local rest or cofeee shop. I felt so silly trying to convince my brother a few weeks ago when he visited me to trust me in making choices on where to go for dinner that night. “No dude, there’s no chillis here. We’re going to a quirky local rest, okay?!?”

    All that being said, ethical and quality issues aside,I don’t see how anyone could shop at UO anymore. Maybe it’s just not my style, but I think all their clothing nowadays is just PLAIN HORRIBLE AND PUKE-INDUCING. Seriously, I went into the NW 23rd store a few weeks ago and I thought I was back in 1991. No. Unacceptable.