right this second…

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WE’RE LIVE!!!!!!!

ok, I can barely stand it, I’m so excited.  Postal Press is finally live!  combined with our love for letterpress, vintage postage stamps, old fashioned letters and pretty packaging, early in 2009 we began talking about a little shop where we could offer all these things.  dlb and I put in so much work for the past 5 months making this little dream into a reality.  we’ve been hard at work creating wonderful things to stock the shop and we couldn’t be more pleased and happy with the outcome.  he built the webpage while I letterpressed away. we’re a good team, I’d say.  :)

thank you friends, I can’t tell you how much your support has meant.  so what are you waiting for, go check it out!  hip hip hooray!

note:  looks like the site isn’t working worldwide yet.  should take up to 48 hours, keep on checkin’ back!  also, we’re working out the details of international shipping and should have that set up on Monday!

26 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. havilah said:

    what an adorable shop, congratulations! i love absolutely everything, hooray!!

  2. Summer said:

    So, so awesome Alyson! Everything looks wonderful.

    Also, I just posted about it.

    Now time to buy something!

  3. Sarah said:

    Yay!! Congratulations! I know I’ll be a frequent shopper! :) Off to post about this on my blog and then off to shop!

  4. Sarah said:

    Eeekkk- I can’t get it to come up in my browser. Just wanted to alert you that something might be off….

  5. molly said:

    in love!
    simply beautiful, I think I must make a tiny purchase soon or I might just burst!

  6. Flora said:

    congratulations! your little products are very cute and so appealing :)

  7. Maggie said:

    Alas, for me it is only showing the “Coming Soon” image that has been up these last weeks…not sure why, but hopefully I can get into the real shop soon before all the goodies are sold out!

  8. alyson said:

    thanks ladies!!

    looks like the site transfer isn’t live worldwide yet. it should be by Monday so please check back!

  9. chicadecanela said:

    Oooh! I was hoping to purchase one of those lovely floral scratch pads but they´re alredy sold out… V.V
    Are you going to stock more of those? They are such a nice product!

  10. Vanessa Rae said:

    Congratulations on the shop, it is a gorgeous site with beautiful goodies!

  11. rose said:

    congratulations.. it’s totally swoon worthy :)

  12. Elise said:

    Congratulations Alyson! It’s just wonderful:)!

  13. Kate said:

    Oh they are all so wonderful. I love the pencils. I have a soft spot in my heart for special pencils.

  14. Jenya said:

    It looks gorgeous! Congrats!

  15. Aran said:

    alyson, it is so beautiful! congratulations! i had to tweet about it!