wooden arrows


I’d like a set of vintage wooden arrows.  how great are those bright stripes of color?

12 Responses to “wooden arrows”

  1. Elise said:

    I like the turquoise one, I don’t think I’ve ever seen vintage arrows before!

  2. Claire said:

    Amazing colours! I’ve never seen such a thing before.

  3. kelly said:

    Fantastic! So funny how these things appear. I was just thinking I wanted to research vintage archery sets and accessories after shooting some arrows myself this past weekend at a friends house.

  4. Lisa Warninger said:


    these remind me of growing up. we used to have bows and arrows at our cabin in the mountains. (wonder what happened to them?)

    My father used to make them when he was little too. Really pretty arrows with very pretty feathers. I think he liked yellow and red a lot because you could find them after you shot them into the woods.

    Thanks for sharing… totally brought back memories.

  5. Kate said:

    wow, I love you and hate you so much right now because I totally just bought them. What the hell will I do with them?!! I don’t care, they are going to be amazing. I keep buying things for my bigger apartment that I haven’t even moved into yet….:)

  6. Lindsay said:

    Those would be super cool as back-to-school pencils! I know some little boys who would love arrow-pencils ;)

  7. franny.glass said:

    those are dreamy.