Monthly Archives: September 2009


the chanterelle hunt


over the weekend dlb and I headed out into the forest, knives in hand, on a hunt for prized Chanterelle mushrooms.  after a few hours of tromping over trees and breaking twigs with every step, we stumbled upon the patch of all patches and quickly filled up our grocery bag with yummy mushrooms.  we had plans on chopping, sauteing, and freezing these babies, but mushrooms for every meal sounded like a better plan.  we’ve had sauteed Chanterelles with thyme on wheat crackers, Chanterelle and cheese scrambled eggs, and last night, the most incredibly delicious Wild-Mushroom Bread Pudding.

and we’ve still got half the bag to go.  tonight I’m thinking Mushroom Soup with Hazelnut Gremolata.


sponsor – inklore

Linen Table Runner

please welcome my newest sponsor, Inklore.  Inklore was founded in 2008 by Sam with a passion for well designed and eco-friendly housewares and accessories.  how pretty is this hydrangea table runner?  everything is block-printed by hand on high quality linen and cotton using environmentally sensitive, water-based inks.  check out the shop for pretty block-printed designs and Sam’s blog for more inspiration.


13 bees vintage + that amazing yellow dress


I simply adore 13 Bees Vintage.  a few months ago, I discovered 13 Bees after Megan, the lovely lady behind 13 Bees, commented on Unruly Things.  after clicking to her shop, I fell madly in love with a particular dress.  a few notes were exchanged and 13 Bees became an Unruly Things sponsor and I became the proud owner of this amazing yellow dress which I had taken in and hemmed to a shorter length.

Picture 3

be sure to check out 13 Bees Vintage for some truly incredible vintage garments and stop by Megan’s blog for updates and more eye candy.  thanks Megan!