13 bees vintage + that amazing yellow dress


I simply adore 13 Bees Vintage.  a few months ago, I discovered 13 Bees after Megan, the lovely lady behind 13 Bees, commented on Unruly Things.  after clicking to her shop, I fell madly in love with a particular dress.  a few notes were exchanged and 13 Bees became an Unruly Things sponsor and I became the proud owner of this amazing yellow dress which I had taken in and hemmed to a shorter length.

Picture 3

be sure to check out 13 Bees Vintage for some truly incredible vintage garments and stop by Megan’s blog for updates and more eye candy.  thanks Megan!

6 Responses to “13 bees vintage + that amazing yellow dress”

  1. erica said:

    your dress is super cute! i love the little collar. thank goodness for etsy, or else i would have stopped looking for vintage clothing ages ago.

  2. Jenya said:

    I love 13 bees! I featured her shop on my blog before – her photos are simply adorable! The dress looks lovely! Of course that color is very interesting :-)

  3. Karen said:

    It’s so beautiful and looks amazing on you! What a great color. I love 13 bees too!

  4. Kate said:

    Good lord that dress is amazing! Love that black one too.

  5. 13bees said:

    it looks so sweet on you!! yay! thanks for all the kind words xox