a twist on toms

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I still haven’t gotten a pair of Toms Shoes.  I know, I know, I’ve been talking about them for years.  even though I’d probably still opt for the original, I really like this new laceless style.  not to mention, that grey canvas is to die for.

18 Responses to “a twist on toms”

  1. julie h said:

    These are on my “want” list. If only they came in yellow!

  2. kimberly flower said:

    oh, you won’t regret getting a pair. they really are the most comfortable flats i own – and great to walk all over san francisco with. although, they seem to run small…

  3. veronica said:

    i just bought these last thursday and i’ve yet to take them off. no joke. AMAZING!

  4. Mallory said:

    i tried these on the other day & was so disappointed to find that my wide wide feet noticeably stretch them out. sadness.

  5. abigail said:

    you should get a pair! I have two, on pair I wear only in the house and another pair I wear almost everyday.

  6. erica said:

    i no longer fit into my TOMS (post-pregnancy), so thanks for reminding me to order a new pair. they are so comfy and look great with nearly everything i own.

  7. Michelle said:

    I’d love to find a shop here that carries them–stylish, ethical, comfy; what more do you want?

  8. Tara said:

    I love the IDEA of Tom’s but aesthetically, I just haven’t been able to sell myself on them. These, however, with their strange sneaker/slip-on hybrid, are rather intriguing! Now I’m jus trying to decide whether me or my boyfriend should get a pair first ;)

  9. Enchanted Royals said:

    And how about the natural canvas ones?? Tried on the charcoal laceups the other day; they make your feet look itty bitty and per usual, they’re rivaled perhaps only by Birkenstock in terms of comfort. I’ve walked several miles in my dusty purple ones and they’re fantastic.

  10. Katie said:

    I got the brown ones last week and I love them, though I agree that they might run small. I got 7.5 and will probably get my next pair in 8. I wear them with the laces, because my feet are narrow and would probably slip out!

  11. practical, schmactical said:

    I like the “idea” of Toms but cannot for the life of me find out where they are manufactured and in what condition (nor can any other of the zillion people who pose the same question throughout my google search). It has been stated by the founder that their production is monitored… very vague, especially in this business where you should be proud of good working conditions. Toms, sadly, may be useless if they’re made by the same overworked, underpaid children we’re hoping the shoes make it to.

    Google “Sole Rebels”, they’re great! and legit!