a work table

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hi friends!  I need your help.

I’ve been on the hunt for a good cabinet/organizer for my Postal Press products and supplies and have come to a major dead end of sorts.  I’ve searched Ikea, Craigslist and many other places, so I thought I’d ask you for your help!  we’ve got a small space, as in I wouldn’t be able to fit something bigger than about 3 or 4 feet wide and maybe 20 inches deep.  I’d prefer something with drawers and cabinets, so I can hide clutter.

so friends, what works good for you?  got any recommendations?  thank you!!

{photo by mav}

9 Responses to “a work table”

  1. JD said:

    Did you try the freecycle in your area?

  2. Allison Harris said:

    what about an industrial looking tool chest? lots of cubbies and drawers, plus they come in lots of sizes and configurations.

  3. Amy Olson Ballard said:

    hi there,
    we just went to City Liquidators for the first time and couldn’t believe how big it was or how much they had! we even found a card catalog nestled in a corner on the 3rd floor! anyway, they just might have the thing you’re looking for-

  4. afton said:

    what is your budget? sometimes you can find great credenza / desk type things at house of vintage or hawthorne vintage. but craigslist might be cheaper…

  5. Anna said:

    My friend that has a letterpress studio uses a chest that was meant for tools. The cool thing is that you can buy an older metal one and paint it. And they usually come in lots of different sizes.