floral pin-up


I kind of find it odd to buy a used/vintage bathing suit, however this one is truly incredible.

10 Responses to “floral pin-up”

  1. Summer said:

    I only ever wear vintage bathing suits. There’s just something about the fit and cuts that seem a lot sexier and more flattering than the ones made today.

    And I *love* this one.

  2. Anabela said:

    That is so cute! Someone left a great tip on my blog, if one were to buy a second hand suit: rip out the original crotch lining piece and stitch in a new one from a t-shirt.

  3. laura said:

    exactly Anabela!
    and sometimes it is necessary to take out the bullet bra cups that were stitched in.
    Really it is quite simple.

    but if you still feel weird, it seems that some designers are returning to that old style that is oh so flattering.

  4. Kristina said:

    yes it would be odd. but they do have style and charm that no new bathing suit would ever have!

  5. Teresa said:

    This is precious! Makes me sad about the end of summer…