hunter clogs

Picture 6

I can’t decide whether these clogs would be totally ridiculous or they would save me from those drizzly days ahead.  I’ve got a pair of rain boots that I just never wear and the thought of a shoe I could just slip into sounds quite nice.


oh yea… and I finally bought Toms!  seriously, like walking on clouds.

5 Responses to “hunter clogs”

  1. Anabela said:

    I just posted about my hunt for rain boots! Personally, I don’t like these very much, but I hate wet feet more!

    Also, I wore my Toms today — best shoes.

  2. Diana said:

    whoa, not a fan, sorry. I suggest investing in cute rain boots!

  3. elaina said:

    i like them! they’re a combination of two great things – clogs and hunters.

  4. fanny b said:

    Im liking these, a lot!
    But then Im warming up to Crocks, didn’t see that coming.. Im starting to questions my sense of style.. seriously..
    I see peeps walking around nyc in knee high hunters all the time, looks like they are going for a mile long walk in the country side..
    Any who.. Tom’s are great, I stick mine in the washer ones in a while and they come out almost new!

  5. alice said:

    I just bought black Toms the other day, soo comfortable :)