Long Distance

Hi! It’s me, Roberta Jane… It’s been big fun guest blogging for Unruly-Things and being in such great blogging company!

Today I wanted to introduce you to a little series at Camp Comfort called “Ask Camp Comfort“, where readers of the blog can write in with style questions & inquires. Recently Camp Comfort reader, Sarah, wrote in looking for some style suggestions for her long distance plane ride to Australia.

Looking great while also feeling comfortable for a long flight can be a challenge – Here’s my foolproof outfit for flying in style.


A cute knit dress, leggings, soft-soled tennies, a large scarf to double as a blanket and a big tote to carry all the necessary plane-ride entertainment and accessories. And P.S. don’t forget to pack a pair of cute socks in your carry-on, planes are ALWAYS cold!

What is your go-to plane look??

Uniqlo Dress ($19.50), F21 Leggings ($4.50), Gap Plaid Scarf ($16.99), LL Bean Boat & Tote ($49), TOM’S Shoes ($54).


16 Responses to “Long Distance”

  1. Sarah said:

    Thanks Roberta! This is a great suggestion!

  2. Allison Harris said:

    Good call on the socks! My hubby and I each own a pair of fluffy ‘airplane’ socks that always travel with us. What’s with the air vent that blows directly on your feet?

  3. Karen said:

    love this! i’m definitely using this as a guide for an upcoming cross-country flight!

    and yeah, those gold toms are super awesome!

  4. jenny said:

    I’m flying out to Switzerland tomorrow and you’ve nearly summed up my travel outfit. I’m using one of American Apparel’s Circle Scarves because of the multitude of ways I can wrap up in it on the plane. Will pack a pair of socks for sure!

  5. Tara said:

    I have been eyeing that Uniqlo top!! So cute!

  6. Jane Flanagan said:

    Tom’s are so great for flying! I adore the scarf too. This looks like the perfect traveling outfit!

  7. Liz said:

    that is such a chic and comfortable travel outfit! will definitely channel this look on my flight to Argentina in November :) Thanks!

  8. fresh365 said:

    Perfect timing! I have a long flight coming up and was thinking leggings. Thanks for the inspiration- I love this look!

  9. Teresa said:

    aDORable outfit… and so reasonably priced!!

  10. aLi. said:

    I completely agree with the loose knit top and scarf, I always bring one as a blanket to cover up my cold shoulders and arms – sometimes I put some comfy sweats in my carry-on so I can quickly change when I need some makeshift pjs. Great travel outfit!